Horse Racing

Objective To identify which of the horse or horses will be the fastest over a certain distance or set course.

Online Horse Racing: How to play

In order to play horse racing online, you start off by placing bets on the horses you think will win. Depending on the game, you might need to add the bets to your bet slip, or you might just be able to begin the race. The race commences and you can choose to watch the race as it happens, or you can skip to the results of the race. The results are posted on the board and you can see your winnings and collect them.

Horse racing screen shot Horse racing


Horse racing is the earliest known sport and is dated back to ancient times. It’s an equestrian sport that according to archeological records took place worldwide even back in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Syria. The game has taken a different face in different areas, in ancient Greece the most popular game was chariot racing which was dangerous for both horse and rider but was still wildly popular even though many races ended in serious injury or even death. The Roman Empire took on both chariot and mounted-horse racing, incorporating it into their spring carnival in Rome dating from the mid-15th century until 1882. Gambling and placing bets on horse races has been around since around when the races inception. Online horse racing, however, is a much more recent addition to the world of gambling.

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