Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth It?

are online casino bonuses worth it

Wagering requirements affect how players view casino bonuses. Some players resent casino bonuses while others enjoy welcome and reloaded bonuses: This has created a split in opinions among players, and thus, many new online casino players have asked the question in search engines and chat supports.

For players who may not know, a wagering requirement is a condition a casino puts on player deposits and bonuses: This means the casino will require a player to place a specific amount of bets to qualify for withdrawal (A concept discussed in welcome bonuses).

Welcome bonuses

Most casinos have welcome bonuses. With this bonus, players get massive rewards on their first deposit. These rewards include a percentage increase in bet credits. For example, when a player deposits $100 in an online casino, they could get 100% up to their deposit and 25 free spins; this means the casino will give the player an extra $100, and the gambler will have $200 to play casino games. However, these bonuses come with a wagering requirement. In this case, it could be an x20 playthrough, which means the player would have to make bets worth $2000 to qualify for a withdrawal on their winnings: These bets could wager the bonuses using the $200 balance from the deposit and bonus, and other winnings.

And thus, some players do not claim their welcome bonuses because they want to wager their deposits faster. And so, although a player’s deposit could have its own wagering requirement - with or without the bonus - this appears to be more appealing to these players. In this instance, Casino bonuses may still be worth it because a wagering requirement is in place nonetheless.

Cashback bonuses

Online casinos have rewards with themes: These themes tend to be based on the vibes and ideas attached to specific days in a week. For example, a casino could title a reward “Chill Sunday Cashback”: This would be because their demographics associate Sundays with drinking wine from a balcony while listening to lo-fi music and playing casino games. And thus, on Sundays, players will get cashback bonuses because that’s when they play the most.

These rewards help gamblers increase their number of plays in the casino, as the cashback can manifest as a casino reimbursing players some of the money they lost in games or a part of the deposit they made on that day. The cashback amounts are measured in percentages; for example, the Chill Sunday Cashback can be a 10% reward. Unlike welcome bonuses, cash backs usually have a small wagering requirement of up to 3x; this means the player will have to make bets worth three times their deposit to qualify for a cashback.

Most players claim these bonuses because of their small wagering requirement. This wager size allows players to play less for more compared to welcome bonuses.

Reload bonuses

The only difference between welcome and reload bonuses is that one is rewarded upon first deposit, while the other upon retention. When online casino gamblers redeposit in the same casino, they get bonuses and free spins to increase their winning probabilities. The difference here, however, is that the wagering requirement could be slightly lower because the percentage bonus is lower than the welcome bonus.

It is essential that players read the terms and conditions of a bonus, as this will provide them with information regarding minimum and maximum bets, wagering requirements, and the length of time the reload bonus will be active (usually one month).


Overall, casino bonuses are worth it because they provide players with a higher number of plays, which increases the probability of mega wins in slots and jackpots: This also means that players get to increase their bet values and play for higher rewards from a slot machine’s paytable.

Although the wagering requirement can be discouraging, some factors to consider when you claim a bonus is the RTP and the number of paylines on the slot games you will play. These two factors minimize your losses and make winning possible, given the free spins that come with the casino bonuses.

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