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February 7, 2017

Bitcoin Dice

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Bitcoin Dice Are As Entertaining As They Are Profitable!

Everyone who plays any kind of bitcoin game knows how important bitcoin dice are for the industry and for the community as a whole. But not many gamers understand how powerful bitcoin dice games are in terms of returns and winning odds. In fact, of all the bitcoin games out there, dice are by far the ones with the best odds and the biggest wins. Apart from that, dice games are incredibly entertaining and based on pure blockchain principles. There are tons of reasons to play dice, and our staff here at BetChain wants to tell you exactly why.

Bitcoin Dice Deliver Huge Wins!

Let’s start from the parameter that gets players going the most: wins! It is no secret to anyone that bitcoin dice games hold some of the biggest bitcoin wallets out there. This means that they make a lot of money, but it also means they have a lot of it to dish out to winners. More than any other type of bitcoin game out there. In fact, just recently, a player scored a $1,000,000 USD win on one of the most popular bitcoin dice games. Yes, that is six zeros after the $1, which probably makes this player the biggest winner on a bitcoin game so far in history.

Bitcoin Dice Games Have Incredible Odds!

There is absolutely no doubt that the great odds on bitcoin dice games made this huge win possible. Bitcoin dice games have house edges of between 0.5% and 3%. That’s right, it is a game in which beating the house is far more likely than in any other game out there. Just think about it, the bitcoin dice game with the highest house edge will score only 103 wins for every 100 wins players score, and that does not tell you anything about the amounts players score on each win.

Looking at it from a purely statistical point of view, it is quite possible for a dice game with a 3% house edge to make 103 BTC while dishing out 200 BTC in wins to players. Think about it. Theoretically the 3% house edge may give the game 103 wins of 1 BTC each, while it dishes out 100 wins of 2 BTC each to the players. Yes, the house edge is merely a statistical value; you set the amount of money that you can win by developing your own strategy, and in the end you can make more money off of these games even if you lose 103 times for every 100 times you win. That is insane, isn’t it?

So What Are You Waiting For?

All the math, the wins the value of bitcoin dice wallets and your chances to score huge prizes are only strengthened by the provably fair feature that all blockchain based games have. This means that your odds are guaranteed by pure randomness, so you can roll smoothly without even a shadow of a doubt about the fairness of the outcome of every single roll. So just go ahead and take a chance. Roll those dice, play those great odds and win, right here at BetChain with our very own Pocket Dice and become the next bitcoin millionaire!

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