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November 1, 2021

Free Spins Atlantean Gigarise

up to 32 768 ways to win!

Atlantean GigaRise™

Deep underwater, ancient city of Atlantis holds immeasurable treasures! Dive and rise together with reels, for up to 32 768 ways to win! The Atlantean Gigarise™ slot game is all about diving down and rising up. That’s right, as its name suggests, this spinner takes you to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and then sends you floating back to the top on a current of symbols. Of course, if you’re going to swim in this game’s sea of rising reels and progressive jackpots, you need to master the basics.

In other words, there’s no point jumping into the action if you don’t know how to swim. That’s where we come in. This The Atlantean Gigarise™slot review will not only teach you strokes that will keep you afloat, it will help you get the most out of this innovative jackpot slot. So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in another fantastic Yggdrasil creation, let’s get started.

The ocean floor is like another world. Shafts of sunlight barely break through and there are weird and wonderful sea creatures swimming in the distance. As you float around this mysterious setting, a colosseum appears in the distance. Moving closer, you’re suddenly surrounded by imposing pillars. Then, as you turn around, a gameboard rises up from the seabed.

Standing tall, the gothic structure has regal feel to it. It’s the gate to Atlantis. At this point you realise opportunities abound. If you can find the fight combinations and make it through the gates, Atlantis has untold riches to offer. With that, you hit the spin button and play for the key to this ancient city.


Anyone can dive into the action but only those willing to bet can unlock the gate to Atlantis. Those that use the Atlantean Gigarise™ free slot can use virtual coins to have some fun. Those wanting to play for cash prizes will need to make real-money bets. This has its benefits, of course. As well as fixed prizes, Atlantean Gigarise™ slots have progressive jackpots. What’s more, it doesn’t matter how much you stake. Although the probability of hitting a progressive jackpot is linked to your bet size, everyone that plays Atlantean Gigarise™ for real money is eligible to win.

Therefore, you can wager the minimum (€0.20) or the maximum (€40) and be in with a chance of scooping payouts worth upwards of €100,000! Whatever amount you bet, the Atlantean Gigarise™ online slot has five reels and an ever-increasing number of paylines. We say ever-increasing because trident symbols increase the height of the reels. When you’ve rolled in enough tridents to stretch the reels to eight blocks high, there will be 32,768 ways to win. That’s impressive, particularly when you combine this with fixed prizes and five progressive jackpots!

In fact, when you piece all of these elements together, the Atlantean Gigarise™ slot RTP is a heady 96%. Naturally, this only matters if you’re able to spin in three or more matches. That means lining up card symbols, golden harps, ornate vases, clams and more. If you can manage that, the default maximum win under normal conditions is 4,370X your bet. But if you want to get even more out of this slot, you need to unlock its progressive jackpot bonus game.


The Atlantean Gigarise™ slot game is linked to another Yggdrasil hit known as Jackpot Raiders. That means there are two games feeding into a single prizepool which, in turn, creates five progressive jackpots. As we’ve said, these jackpots are open to anyone that makes real-money bets. The way to unlock them is by triggering the bonus feature.

Before we do talk about that, it’s worth noting that this slot also a free spins round. You can activate this by rolling in three or more golden clams (scatters). As well as giving you Atlantean Gigarise™ free spins, this bonus feature causes the height of the reels increase, thus giving you more ways to win. If you don’t trigger this bonus, you may be able to play the Atlantean Gigarise™ jackpot game.

This feature is unlocked with keys. Once the reels are at their full height, a bronze, silver or gold key can appear. Each one unlocks a bonus chamber within which symbols inside a winning section will release prizes. As you’d expect, the colour of the key will determine how much potential you have in the chamber. For example, the gold key unlocks more potential than the bronze.

You can also unlock a bonus chamber during the free spins round. This is done by finding keys on the same reel twice. That reveals the “legendary key” and takes you to the most lucrative bonus chamber of them all. Once inside this or any other chamber, cash prizes and free spins can be won. However, what you’re really aiming for is a progressive jackpot. If you can land the “jackpot” symbol inside a winning section, you’ll unlock one of five progressive payouts.

Each of the five progressive jackpots has a different starting point (€40 to €15,000) but none of them have an upper limit. What’s more, there’s nothing in the rules that stops you from winning all five jackpots during a single bonus game! Therefore, if things went your way, you could win well over €100,000 when you play Atlantean Gigarise™.

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Deposit and get 20 or 40 Free Spins on November 1, 2021

Terms and Conditions apply

Min. deposit 20 Free Spins: 11 € (other currencies below)*
Min. deposit 40 Free Spins: 20 € (other currencies below)**
Max. win: 1000 €! (other currencies below)***
Available on every deposit on November 1, 2021 (UTC)
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* 11 EUR, 500 RUB, 33 AUD, 50 CAD, 700 NOK, 250 ZAR, 1200 JPY
** 20 EUR, 700 RUB, 50 AUD, 100 CAD, 1100 NOK, 400 ZAR, 1600 JPY
*** 1000 EUR, 50000 RUB, 1000 AUD/CAD, 10000 NOK, 25000 ZAR, 100000 JPY

The Atlantean Gigarise™ slot game is great for every type of player. For those that value aesthetics and entertainment, it looks great. For those that enjoy unique features and bonuses, the rising reels and free spins are fantastic. Finally, for those that want to play for progressive jackpots, it’s got those too. In fact, it’s got five progressive jackpots. That, in our opinion, is why Atlantean Gigarise™ is an impressive slot and one that every Yggdrasil fan should try.

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