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February 4, 2022

A win-all-ways game with up to 524,288 ways to win!


Mingle through the filthy rich swines, partake in that lounge of marble and gold and catch the elusive Golden Pigs for high payouts. Unlocking the game takes you to Unlimited Free Spins, where every win resets the counter and gives you every chance on reaching a golden winning streak.

And during Free Spins the Golden Pigs really shine, as their value grows and grows with each one appearing on the reels – only to double if all reels are unlocked. So jump into the glitzy splendour of pig-themed opulence!

There’s a party going down and you’re invited. Created by Yggdrasil and featuring its innovative PopWins technology, Piggy Pop offers an experience like no other. Not only is PiggyPop slot the best party in town, it has a jackpot topping €1 million. Of course, you need to hit the right combinations to unlock prizes of the size.

However, the fact remains that very few video slots can match this type of payout. That’s why PiggyPop is one of the top casino games in the world right now. To explain this in more detail, we’ve put together a PiggyPop slot review. So, if you’re ready to party with the funkiest pigs in town, scroll down for our review.

Slot Plot

Inside Piggy Mansion there’s a popping party going on. As you wander into the colourfully lit grand hall, your eyes make their way up the ornate columns as you look out of the giant glass ceiling. The stars are shining but the disco lights inside Piggy Mansion are shining even brighter.

There’s a heady atmosphere in the room. An air of revelry sweeps you off your feet and you suddenly find yourself drawn towards a gameboard. It’s not quite a dancefloor, but you can tell this is where the party is going down. This is where things start popping.

You’re right. You’ve entered the PiggyPop slot party, and this is where the fun begins. With that, you embrace the moment and hit the bet button. Lights flash and super-cool piggies start dancing across the gameboard. The party has started, and you’re invited.


This isn’t any old party. PiggyPop is part of the popular PopWins franchise. That means you get to play for jackpots topping 10,690X your bet on up to 524,288 paylines. Wait, surely that can’t be right? It is. For those that don’t know, Yggdrasil’s PopWins technology causes the gameboard to expand each time you hit a winning combination.

So, as the winning symbols pop, the reels increase in size up to 6X6 during the base game. Then, once new symbols appear in their place, you’ll have more ways to make a winning combination. Winning symbols can continue popping indefinitely, even if the gameboard can’t expand any more, which means you could have hundreds of thousands of ways to win on a single spin!

That’s impressive. However, even without this, the PiggyPop slot game is still a sight to behold. As we’ve established, the game takes place inside Piggy Mansion and there’s a party going on. Beyond this, the gameboard features six reels, which is one more than the average online slot. Finally, each reel is filled with the following quirky characters and symbols:
  • The Gilded Card Symbols
  • The Bottle of Perfume
  • The Glass of Martini
  • The Yellow Diamond
  • Miss Piggy
  • Captain Piggy
  • Lord Piggy
  • The Golden Piggy (jackpot symbol)

You need to wager between €0.20 and €100 to set the six reels in motion. Once you’ve done that, the symbols listed above will fall into and out of view. Each time three or more are grouped together on adjacent reels, you’ll win a prize worth between 0.1X and 3X your bet. Now, we know that might not seem like a lot of payout potential.

However, you need to remember that this is a PopWins game. That means a single bet can create multiple winning combinations. And, just to make things even better, Golden Pigs can increase the prize multiplier. Therefore, even if you start off with a small prize, things can quickly snowball into a something significant.


You don’t need to roll in specific symbols to unlock the PiggyPop slot bonus round. Instead, you need to stretch the gameboard to its full capacity. This means you have to hit enough cascading wins to turn the gameboard into a 6X6 structure.

Once you’ve done that, the PiggyPop slot free spins round will start. However, just before the party get underway, you have the option to gamble. Spinning the prize wheel gives you a chance to start the bonus round with a larger gameboard and bigger multipliers. You don’t have to gamble, but it can put you on the road to more lucrative prizes.

Regardless of whether you gamble or not, the gameboard has the potential to become an 8X8 structure during the bonus round. This obviously increases your payout potential. Another thing that will help improve your chances of winning big is the fact each winning combo you hit resets the free spins counter.

So, even though you only start with three gratis turns, each win will turn the counter back. That means there’s a potentially unlimited number of free spins up for grabs. When you combine this with a larger-than-life gameboard and prize multipliers, it’s easy to see why the PiggyPop slot jackpot is worth more than €1 million (when you bet the maximum).

There ain’t no party like a PiggyPop party. From its colourful gameboard and quirky symbols to the fact you can hit wins topping €1 million, this slot has it all. Indeed, when you add some popping symbols to the mix and an ever-changing gameboard, you really do get to experience something special when you play PiggyPop. So, with that being said, it would be rude not to accept an invitation to this slot gaming party.

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Deposit and get 20 or 40 Free Spins on February 4, 2022

Terms and Conditions apply

Min. deposit 20 Free Spins: 11 € (other currencies below)*
Min. deposit 40 Free Spins: 20 € (other currencies below)**
Max. win: 1000 €! (other currencies below)***
Available on every deposit on February 4, 2022 (UTC)
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* 11 EUR, 500 RUB, 33 AUD, 50 CAD, 700 NOK, 250 ZAR, 1200 JPY
** 20 EUR, 700 RUB, 50 AUD, 100 CAD, 1100 NOK, 400 ZAR, 1600 JPY
*** 1000 EUR, 50000 RUB, 1000 AUD/CAD, 10000 NOK, 25000 ZAR, 100000 JPY

PiggyPop™ lets you go hog wild on the vast riches stored in the fabled piggy bank!

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