Game of the Week: Heads and Tails

March 11, 2018

Heads and Tails

Flip The Proverbial Bitcoin For Heads And Tails!

Here is a mind twister: if we flip a Bitcoin, what would you choose, heads or tails? Which has the biggest chance of giving you the win you were expecting? Bitcoin enthusiasts know the answer very well. You can’t really flip a Bitcoin because it is a unit of accounting on a distributed ledger. Nevertheless, Bgaming decided to defy this notion and give you a chance to choose. It seems there are ways to fit the classic game of chance into the blockchain, so you can win by flipping the unflappable. Here is how.

Heads and Tails

BGaming has taken the classic Heads or Tails game and given it the ultimate blockchain twist. To flip, you will not need to toss one of those expensive Casascius collectibles in the air. Instead you will just need to choose which outcome you predict on each round and watch this wonderful virtual rendition of a physical Bitcoin, turn around until you get either heads or tails. Here is a more in-depth explanation along with some of the characteristics that make this game unique:

  • The game is simple. It has basically 2 outcomes and to place a bet you just choose how much you want to wager and then give the coin a spin by selecting your desired outcome.
  • You will see that Bitcoin spinning on an anti-gravity chamber of sorts, on a futuristic background which adds to the appeal of the game.
  • Graphics are absolutely stunning, and the spinning of the coin on an axis inside the anti-gravity chamber is flawless.
  • This is of course, a provably fair game, so the outcome of each coin toss can be independently verified. That is probably the way Satoshi intended it when he imagined how to enable a game of Heads and Tails with Bitcoin!

Fortune is One Futuristic Coin Toss Away!

Now that you know what Heads and Tails is, how it looks like and how to play it, you will be able to go in and play a simple yet captivating game for huge wins. There is nothing like a coin toss using a Bitcoin and BetChain is proud to bring this mind-twisting, fun game right to your screen. Our staff will make the gaming experience better with exceptional customer care and amazing bonuses. So, what is it going to be? Heads or tails? Go ahead, pick your favorite and toss that Bitcoin to win!

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