Game of the Week: Ned and His Friends Slot

October 25, 2016

Ned and his friends Slot

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Ned and his Friends slot!

Ned, A Choir Of Rats And Huge Jackpots!

Welcome to the world of Ned and his friends, a magical place where rats sing and you win. This 5 reel slot is packed with excitement, highly detailed graphics and excellent sound, but more amazingly, it gives you plenty of chances to win big. So come and join us as we explore our game of the week and we give you all the insights into the magical world of Ned And His Friends slot.

The first thing you see when you open the game, is Ned, sitting comfortably on his red arm chair in his house. When you are ready to spin, you will notice the reels are packed with, well, rats. The other three characters who might appear on the reels are Ned, his girlfriend and the door to his place. Although there are no “wild” images on the reels, this 30 pay-line slot is packed with bonus icons, of which Ned’s girlfriend is one. The other two are the singing rats and a rat hole, so watch out for those money makers!

As you get deeper and deeper into the game, you will notice how the bonus rounds come up. A choir of rats will appear, with each singing its praise for the bonus round. Packed with excitement, the bonus round will give you anywhere between 5 and 15 free spins. To trigger it, the only thing you need it to align 3 or more singing rat icons on the reels and start enjoying the winnings!

Other bonus rounds include the rat tail bonus. This one is triggered when you align 3 or more rat hole symbols. The incredible graphics of the game will come through in the form of a rat tail that will give you a cash prize once you click it. The other incredible bonus round you can trigger to win big, involves Ned’s girlfriend, who happens to hate rats. If you align 3 or more of her icons, she will faint, and you will be able to click on the rats while she’s out of it to win more cash until she wakes up, so make sure you’re wide awake and well aware to increase your winnings!

This slot will surely keep you entertained with excellent graphics and exquisite singing rats. You will have a blast playing it, and here at BetChain we are looking forward to hosting you while you play the game of the week and win big!

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