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September 11, 2017


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SPontoon: The Blackjack Variant That Has Players Coming For More!

It is hard to understand why players would get so excited about Pontoon, until you play SoftSwiss’ version! This Pontoon game has every element that made Blackjack such a sought-after game, and then some! Pontoon is based on the same principles than Blackjack, but this version has a little twist: The house edge is lower than on Blackjack games. This is just one of the reasons that players are coming for more, catapulting this great SoftSwiss game to our top 20 list.

The Main Advantage of Pontoon Over Blackjack

Apart from the house edge, Pontoon has one major advantage over Blackjack: The dealer has no hole card. This means that players cannot know if the dealer has an ace and a 10 card – known as Blackjack when playing Blackjack – until the end of the round. This means that Pontoon gives the player the win if he or she scores 21 on any combination against the dealer’s stronger ace and 10 card.

Pontoon: The SoftSwiss Version

Apart from this advantage and the lower house edge, the SoftSwiss version of Pontoon has all the right components to keep you entertained while you hit Pontoon after Pontoon – the equivalent of a Blackjack:
• The graphics are right, with a great color palette that makes you feel just like in Vegas.
• Pontoon is easy to understand and play. SoftSwiss put a special emphasis on user experience on this one.
• Game play is smooth, with cards being dealt elegantly and chip movement looks absolutely natural!

Take a Shot at Pontoon and Win Big!

So, go ahead and try SoftSwiss’ Pontoon. We are sure you will be drawn right into it, especially because you will enjoy all the advantages of playing a great game at a great casino. Here at BetChain we work hard to make sure you get the most out of every card dealt on this Pontoon game. Take a chance and win big on Pontoon right here at BetChain!

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