Game of the Week: Scratch Dice

February 25, 2018

Scratch Dice

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Scratch Dice

Scratch Dice: The Game With Character And Huge Wins!

Scratch cards are some of the most exciting games you can play. The excitement of pulling a key or a coin out and figuring out what is behind that glittery coat that covers the scratch-off ticket is unparalleled. Combine that with the classic game of dice and enable cryptocurrency payments and you have a winner! Bgaming seized the opportunity, creating Scratch Dice, one of the first scratch card games for the crypto crowd.

Scratch That Ticket on Your Screen!

This game has become increasingly popular among cryptocurrency and fiat players alike, because its UX is off the charts. It is the easiest game you can play. The rules are simple, the imagery is neat and Bgaming made the scratching so real, that you can almost feel you have that ticket in your hands.

To illustrate this, here are the basic characteristics of Scratch Dice:</p>

  • Once you buy a ticket, you must scratch it and reveal 3 dice.
  • According to the order of the dice, you will get a pay-out.
  • The game rewards sequences called “Street,” which consists of one of the following: 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, 4-5-6.
  • If you score a “Street” you will get a golden scratching ticket, for which pay-outs are much higher.
  • The UX component of the game is the extra little something that will make you love this game. It is so well-designed, that if you want, you can use a button to scratch the ticket automatically or you can do it with your mouse. If you have a touch screen, you can even scratch the ticket with your finger!

Scratch Dice is Fun and Pays Big Time!

Now that you know how Scratch Dice works, you know what you are looking for each time you get your ticket. You will be able to tell easily if you won and how much you won, but above all, you will experience the excitement of scratching that ticket! So, just go ahead, start scratching right here with us at BetChain, where we take care of you like no other brand out there with incredible bonuses and exceptional customer care. Scratch now and hit a huge win on Scratch Dice!

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