Sushi Bar Slot - Game of the Week

March 27, 2017

Sushi Bar Slot

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Sushi Bar!

Are You Ready To Stuff Yourself On Sushi Bar Wins?

Many would say that sushi and the conveyor belt are the best 2 inventions in the history of mankind. That might be true for anyone who has not seen what BetSoft did with this incredible combo. BetSoft’s take on sushi and conveyor belts really takes innovation to a whole other dimension that allows you to stuff yourself on the most succulent wins at the Sushi Bar.

Ready to Win at the Sushi Bar?

This is probably one of the least expected slot games that any software provider could develop, but BetSoft’s Midas touch proves that it is possible to make a virtual Sushi Bar the most exciting game out there. It is also one of the most generous slots that we have seen so far. Trust us, we see as many slot games as food critics see Sushi Bars around the world!

You can start stuffing yourself on Sushi Bar wins by aligning the right symbols on any of those 25 pay lines and across 5 different reels. The symbols are quite simple to understand and they look delicious as well! You have 10 different symbols: 10 through Ace – all made into incredible sushi dishes – as well as a plate with chopsticks, the sushi chopping board and the traditional sake container. Additionally you can get the soy sauce, which serves as a wild symbol replacing every symbol except for the scatter. The scatter, which can give you 50 free credits when you align 2, and Free Spins when you align 3 or more, is the only symbol that the soy sauce cannot replace.

Time to Gobble up the Money!

Now that you know the game, the only thing you have to do is win! Head right down to the Sushi Bar and gobble up all those wins that your generous host, the sushi chef, is carefully crafting for you. They are all laid down on those 5 reels like your favorite pieces of sushi on those conveyor belts coming your way. To sweeten the deal even further, BetChain will make this an all you can eat fest, with unrivaled service and the best perks in the industry. So go ahead, play on Sushi Bar, a true BetSoft masterpiece and enjoy the greatest invention since the advent of sushi and the conveyor belt, right here with us at BetChain!

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