Game of the Week: Texas Holdem!

August 28, 2017 updated May 29, 2018

Texas Hold'em

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Texas Holdem

BGAMING Raises The Stakes With Its Fast Paced Texas Holdem

This one is for poker lovers for sure. BGAMING took Texas Holdem to a whole new level with its very own high stakes poker game. This one is fast paced and allows players to go for round after round without having to focus on their poker face. Anyone who is a fan of pure statistics, or just likes a good game of Texas Holdem at any given point in the day, will be more than thrilled to try this one out.

Texas Holdem: BGAMING’s Take

The game is simple and easy to play. It behaves just like the standard version of Holdem, in which players are dealt 2 cards on the first bet. Players can then choose to fold if they do not like their hand, or raise and see the 3 cards the dealer will draw. Once those 3 cards are on the table, players they can choose to raise twice more, or just check if they feel they have a relatively weak hand, following the draw.

•The beauty of this game is the speed with which players can go through their hands and start winning. The game is fast, it draws cards faster than any casino dealer, and there is no need to put up a poker face or wait for others to make their decision. It is all about pure Texas Holdem fun and sheer statistical calculation. But don’t worry, you don’t need to pull your calculator out on each hand. If you know the game, you will be able to go at it instinctively; if you are new to the game, just play a few hands and you will catch on as fast as the game will deal the cards!

Texas Holdem Craze on BetChain!!

This is probably the reason why BGAMING’s version of Texas Holdem has been picking up so much lately. People from all over are playing more and more Texas Holdem on BetChain. Some like the speed, others like the fact that they play the game instead of other players and there are even those who might be polishing their skills for the next tournament, using this wonderful BGAMING version of the classic. So, go ahead, try it out and see what the fuzz is all about! Draw a winning hand and line your pockets with Texas Holdem, right here at BetChain!

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