Game of the Week: Ultra Fresh slot

July 10, 2017

Ultra Fresh Slots

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Ultra Fresh!

Endorphina Makes Retro Slot Ultra Fresh!

With so many games out there that have so many in-game options, fancy graphics and tons of features that can make you invest hours in figuring out the correct strategy, sometimes you need a break. Endorphina ceased that opportunity to offer a refreshing game that appeals to those who need a break, and to the people who love retro slots. That is exactly how its designers came up with Ultra Fresh, and the result was nothing short of perfect!

How can a Retro Slot Game be Ultra Fresh?

The name of the slot itself is an indication of where Endorphina was headed. Few people would think that a 3 reel 5 pay-line slot game could ever be Ultra Fresh, but Endorphina made it happen. This game is everything you ever wanted from a retro slot game, with the advantages of modern gaming in the back end. Spinning on Ultra Fresh is relaxing and deeply satisfying. Following the symbols on the reels, the pay-table and the graphics on every spin is simple yet deeply enjoyable.

You will have to choose where to step first. After that, you will have to choose where your second step will go and after that the third one. You will win if you avoided stepping on mines on each one of your steps. This makes the game a three-turn succession that allows you to think and develop a plan as to where to place your first step each time, and then the subsequent steps after that. The simple strategies you will have to develop will allow you to play with ease and get to those coveted wins at the other side of the mine field.

Ultra Fresh Features

Nevertheless, Endorphina always finds a way to give these slot games a little twist. Apart from having the usual features of a classic slot machine, Ultra Fresh has a mini-game. With each win, you can choose to play double or nothing by drawing a higher card than the dealer from a line of 4 cards. This makes increases the amounts you can win, separating Ultra Fresh from all the classic casino slots before it.

Ready to Spin and Win with Ultra Fresh?

So now that you know exactly what to expect when you start spinning on Ultra Fresh, it is time kick back, relax and enjoy the magic of this retro slot. You will be able to rest from all those highly sophisticated slots and complex features with a nice game that will allow you to hit huge wins as well. And if you are one of our retro players, then you will find that Ultra Fresh is on a category of its own. Here at BetChain we are proud to bring you slot games like Ultra Fresh so you can discover the joy of retro while you bring those jackpots home!

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