Game of the Week: Under The Sea Slot

January 31, 2017

Under The Sea Slot

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Under The Sea!

Take A Lucky Dive Under The Sea!

If someone could have all the treasures that lie Under the Sea, that person would be rich beyond belief. But since it is so difficult to gather them all, BetSoft came up with a solution: a slot game! Now you can take a dive any time, and line up the symbols that will bring all the treasures right to your pocket. The best part of it is you can do it while you enjoy the rich graphics that BetSoft is known for and without the risks of actually diving to the seabed! That is a win-win-win situation, brought to you by BetChain!

In fact, Under The Sea is such an incredible yet simple game to play, that it will provide all the entertainment you need whether you are at home or on the go. You will be looking to align all the sea creatures, including the mermaid, until you score a huge jackpot. This can happen more often than you think because Under The Sea also has special symbols that can quickly increase your wins.

Getting the Treasure from Under The Sea

There are basically 4 types of things you would like to encounter Under The Sea. The first and most obvious is a mermaid. Then you have a clam with a pearl in it, a shipwreck and a treasure chest. Here is what you can expect if you align these symbols or if they show up on the 5 reels, along any of the 30 pay lines you can play with:

• The pearl in the clam is the wild symbol, and it appears quite a lot. • Wild symbols also multiply the payout x2, x4 and x8 when you get 1, 2 or 3 of them to substitute for a winning combination respectively, along a pay line.
• The mermaid is one of the symbols that can unlock the biggest wins. Getting 2 mermaids and 3 pearls on a given pay line can score you one of the biggest wins in the game.
• The shipwreck is the scatter symbol. Align 3 of those on a pay line and get 8 Free Spins, align 4 and get 12 Free Spins and align 5 to get 15 Free Spins.
• Get 3 treasure chests along any active pay line and you will get to the bonus round. During the bonus round, if you find the treasure, you will win!

Now that you know what you are looking for when you dive Under The Sea and spin, you can play and win! So just go ahead and play Under The Sea right here with us at BetChain. Enjoy this great BetSoft game, entertain yourself and be ready to find those treasures hidden on the sea bed.

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