Game of the Week: Weird Science!

June 26, 2017

Weird Science Slots

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Weird Science!

Become The Mad Scientist And Do All The Weird Science Until You Hit A Jackpot!

If mixing compounds to see how they react and doing it all over again to get the perfect recipe for a huge jackpot is what you are all about, then Weird Science is exactly the game you were looking for! Step into the Habanero lab, perform every test you can think of and keep spinning those reels on a centrifuge until everything blows up in a cloud of cash! This game has every single ingredient to keep you spinning and make you rich, from incredible imagery all the way to captivating sound effects and exceptionally smooth game play.

Weird Science is About to make your Screen Glow with a Formula for Endless Fortune!

Weird Science has everything you were looking for in a slot game. Habanero really got all its bases covered with this one. Its developers even thought about mini-games and how to make your jackpots juicier. This 5-reel 25-pay line experiment is clearly a success. All its color and its great graphics enhance the feel of every spin. It seems that with every spin this mad scientist lab turned slot machine, is about to blow up and rain cash right on top of your head!

Winning on Weird Science

Like we mentioned before, Habanero’s experiment yielded a beastly game that will give you as many chances to win big as there ever were on any slot before it. To get those outsized wins, here are some of the experiments you can conduct:

• Find your way through jars of toxic material, magnifying glasses, microscopes, radioactive waste, mysterious fish bowls and huge purple octopi to get yourself going.
• Move onto frogs, rats, test tubes and young sciencetists to make your wins even bigger.
• Align 5 young sciencetists on an active pay line for one of the biggest wins of the game.
• The anomalous globe-shaped spot or orb, acts as the scatter symbol. Scatters multiply your wins!
• The Mad Scientist is the wild symbol that will make any kind of compound or mix, blow up in a cloud of cash! It replaces every symbol besides the scatter.
• Get a wild on reel 1 and another one on reel 5 to trigger 4 Free Spins and triple pay-outs!
• Additionally, you will be able to trigger a mini-game on any win in which you choose from 4 cards, and if you get a higher-ranking card than the one the computer draws, you can double your win!

Have Fun with Weird Science!

So, now that you have all the theoretical knowledge to become an expert mixologist in your own lab, it is time to start making Weird Science to hit those jackpots! Go ahead, start spinning and winning on this successful Habanero experiment. Take your chances right here with us at BetChain, and become the first scientist to produce money synthetically on a slot machine!

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