Happy Mother's Day Free Spins!

May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Free Spins All Day!

Treat Your Mom To Some Sugar Pop Jackpots!

Time to celebrate Mother’s Day with an incredible sugary treat for your mom! BetChain is going all out bringing you that sweet taste only mom’s baking has with an incredible deal on BetSoft’s Sugar Pop. This incredible slot game is the perfect game to spin and win on, so you can shower your mom with gifts afterwards, and on May 13th, BetChain will give you Free Spins on the house as a treat for all the mothers out there.

The Sweetest Mother’s Day Free Spins Bonus!

To show you how serious BetChain is about celebrating Mother’s Day, take a look at how sweet this bonus is:
• Make a deposit and you will automatically get 15 Free Spins on Sugar Pop.
• This bonus is on throughout Mother’s Day, May 13th, 2018.
• BetChain will sweeten the deal even more: Your account will be credited with 15 Free Spins each time you make a deposit on Mother’s Day!

Sugar Pop Free Spins on Mother’s Day

On top of the Free Spin fest we are throwing on Mother’s Day, you will be able to enjoy the excitement of one of the most popular games out there, Sugar Pop. This slot which is similar to the popular game Candy Crush, is not your usual slot game. It has no pay lines. Instead it works based on matching the types of candy on the screen. When there is a match of at least 3 candy pieces that are next to each other, you score a win.

The best part of this is that the spin doesn’t end until all the Sugar Pops! As soon as candy bursts, more of it comes falling down to fill its place, and if the sweets that fall form another sequence, then it pops again, increasing the winning potential of every spin! Now add those 15 Free Spins per deposit to the equation and you have a recipe for the sweetest Mother’s Day ever!

Come Celebrate Mother’s Day with Us!

Now that you know how fantastic our Mother’s Day bonus is, you can start spinning and winning on the house with every single deposit! Our staff at here at BetChain is thrilled to celebrate Mother’s Day with you, so, just go ahead, start popping all that candy with Sugar Pop and turn this amazing bonus into an opportunity to become a legend! Oh, and don’t forget, share the candy with your mom: get her a present as huge as your wins on Sugar Pop!

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