Cubits is ready for the Hard Fork!

July 30, 2017

Bitcoin Hard Fork

No worries! Cubits is prepared!

Cubits, Bitcoin and August 1st!

It has become clear that a small minority of Bitcoin miners is planning to deviate from the current Bitcoin protocol on August 1st at12:00 AM UTC in a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF). This new cryptocurrency is being referred to as BitcoinABC or Bitcoin Cash, and will have different technical rules from the current blockchain.

When this happens, Сubits will not be offering the option to withdraw funds on the new blockchain. All Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals made via Cubits system will continue to be processed as normal on the current blockchain.

Thus, players who want to claim funds on the new chain must withdraw your Bitcoin from your BetChain account to an external wallet by July 31st.

Please also note there may be interruptions with Cubits services on August 1st, though this is unlikely. In general all Bitcoin users are encouraged not to spend large amounts of coins during the first couple days of August, until the whole situation becomes clearer.

We, here at BetChain, remind you that all of your Bitcoins already deposited in your account are in a safe and secure place, and you can keep wagering those BTCs in your favorite games just as before.

SoftSwiss, our Platform Provider, adds the following-
At SoftSwiss, we take the matters of financial security very seriously. This is why please be warned and please be sure to notify your players that we will switch off all Bitcoin payment processing services (deposits and withdrawals) August 31st between 16 and 17h CET.

Please note: At this time we cannot state with certainty the time when Bitcoin processing will be switched back on. We are closely monitoring the situation and will re-enable Bitcoin processing as soon as our security experts find it safe enough. If everything's OK, this could happen quite soon.

Naturally, any bitcoins already deposited to your Casino by players are still available for gameplay.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Bitcoin is here to stay, so let's welcome its future with confidence while minimizing any potential risks!

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