New Year Riches: Online Slot Review

New Year Riches Slot review

New Year’s season is a special period of every year. People around the world are setting up goals, coming up with resolutions, and starting new phases in their careers: Among these are financial goals that people are trying to achieve, and this here casino game seems to promise that achievement. Nevertheless, it is gambling, so you’ll never know…

New Year Riches is a New Year’s Eve-themed online casino slot that plays around with city lights and champagne bottle symbols to create an exquisite experience. Some of the places we see represented as symbols in the game are New York’s statue of liberty, a Chinese temple, a Disney world temple, and other global monuments.

Like most online casinos, the game’s algorithm uses RNG (Random Number Generators) to produce game outcomes. This article also explores the game RTP, symbols, some criticism we have, and MORE!

Elements of The Game

With an average RTP (Return to Player) of 96.48%, New Year Riches plays across three rows, four reels, and twenty paylines. Bitcoin gamblers can gamble for as low as 40 UBTC (0.00005578 BTC) with a maximum bet value of the gaming ranging up to 1200 UBTC (0.001674).


With an overview of a city in the background, the game’s use of 3D graphics can get you lost in the world of non-stop partying and celebration. Like the game’s symbols, it is suggested you pour yourself something to drink, open your apartment window and watch the fireworks in the night sky while you celebrate your wins in this slot.

Standard Symbols

From the game’s nine (9) standard symbols, players have a chance of catching out up to 2000 uBTC in profits per spin. This high-level win is represented by the statue of liberty on the paytable. The use of the symbol may not be a coincidence, as many players out there visit online casinos to find financial freedom out of their wins. Although, this may be a mild reason to gamble, and is not advised.

The low-win value symbols of the game are represented by the four symbols found in card games: the heart, spades, diamonds, and trees. These symbols are in the form of helium balloons, with the trees being the lowest paying symbol on the table, ranging between 8 to 80 in payouts. The high-win value symbols are then represented by, as mentioned, global monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Asian Temples, European Castles, and a Disney Land-like building.

Wild Symbols

With the potential for you to win up to 10000 uBTC from this symbol, the wild symbol is represented by the most celebratory New Year’s Eve items of all: a Champagne Bottle and Champagne Glass. As a player in this game, you have to match this symbol across five reels left to right to win. The symbol rewards players with up to 6 respins to increase winning chances.

Scatter Symbols

Free spins are the win makers of every online casino slot, and perhaps the main attraction to online casinos. While most online casinos offer deposit bonuses and free spins, the free spins won in a casino slot can increase the number of plays you get, and win probability.

The countdown to the new year has officially begun, and this symbol represents exactly that. Let’s go back to your apartment/bedroom: You’re sitting on your desk, watching the night sky get darker through your window… Echoes of chants from the party a block away are piercing through the window seals, your slot spins on three scatter symbols, and you start playing using free spins. When the countdown starts, your game (which is on fast mode) starts playing through each second, and finally, after losing on every spin, you match five wilds at exactly midnight…

New Year’s Riches is symbolized by a city clock for this reason. Players can get up to 10 free spins by matching this symbol. The symbol also works as a multiplier when matched with other symbols on the grid.


Unfortunately, the game has no Buy Feature for players who have experienced them before. These normally come as a lottery wheel with prices for players to win. We also had to do extensive research to find the game RTP, as it is not shown in the game’s Info page. These two features are essential to every player’s experience, as Buy features add rewards and money for players to win, while the RTP keeps players aware of their average return over time.


Play n’ Go is a trusted by many renowned online casino platforms, and they continue to be a gift that gives to the online casino world; therefore, players can enjoy this online casino based on their popularity and reviews from many Bitcoin casino blogs.

With BetChain’s adoption of this game, players can use their Bitcoin to get started and enjoy the thrill of gambling with one of the best online casinos out there. Learn more about gambling with Bitcoin on our previous article about said topic.

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