NetEnt Pooled Jackpots: The Golden Egg Goose

A goose that lays golden eggs, that is NetEnt’s little secret, but now we have uncovered it and we are sharing it with you! It is hard to believe how a €17 million jackpot is even possible, but once we explain how this golden egg goose that NetEnt calls a Pooled Jackpot works, you will become a believer. Pooled Jackpots are the best invention that NetEnt could bring to the industry. Here is how these golden eggs are created and how they can fall right onto your lap.

What is a Pooled Jackpot?

A Pooled Jackpot is a huge prize that involves NetEnt contributing to the pot and together with the help of over 100 different online casinos all around the world. Bringing all these casinos together to participate and putting up some of NetEnt’s own earnings makes Netent's Pooled Jackpot the mother of all jackpots. The best part of it is that NetEnt puts these prizes together periodically, either once every year or once every 2 years. That is why we call it the golden egg goose!

Netent's Pooled Jackpot

Netent's Pooled Jackpot is available on some of the game provider's most popular games, including Mega Fortune. This games infact has been decoarated with an award from the Guinness World Records for a record-breaking payout in an online slot machine of €17.86 million.

How do I Play for that NetEnt Pooled Jackpot?

Once NetEnt announces the pooled jackpot dates and links all its partner casinos, it is all about spinning on participating slots. There are 3 slots that NetEnt uses to for Pooled Jackpots:

  • Mega Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Arabian Nights

Each of these games has a unique combination of symbols and game outcomes that you must hit to land the golden egg and maybe even break another Pooled Jackpot record. With Mega Fortune, you will need to get to the bonus game and get all the arrows that take you to the middle of the wheel of fortune within the bonus game. On Hall of Gods, you will hit the Pooled Jackpot if you manage to smash 3 matching jackpot symbols with Thor’s hammer during the bonus game. Hitting the Pooled Jackpot on Arabian Nights is all about getting 5 wild symbols on an active pay line.

Not every Pooled Jackpot was Created Equal!

Just remember that not every Pooled Jackpot is the same. Some are bigger than others. In fact, the biggest Pooled Jackpot ever came from the Mega Fortune slot. It would be fair to say that this slot actually earned its name, because it delivered a Pooled Jackpot worth more than €17 million. Mega Fortune also set the mobile gaming jackpot Guinness World Record with a prize worth €8.6 million!

Pooled Jackpots and Other Prizes

But Pooled Jackpots are not the only kind of jackpot that you could win when you play these games. There are many other jackpots that will also make you a rich person! In fact, there are so many prizes and jackpots to go around on these 3 games during the Pooled Jackpot period, that the chances of winning are greater than you think! It is time to try them out and enjoy with every spin. One of those golden eggs may well be just a spin away! So, go ahead and try any of these 3 games while that gigantic NetEnt Pooled Jackpot is still in play right here at BetChain! Start Playing

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