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From Brick And Mortar To Virtual In One Fell Swoop!

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Belatra Games , one of the most iconic brick and mortar casino providers, has now entered the online casino market. Here at BetChain we are proud to announce that we will be among the first bitcoin casinos to offer Belatra Games to our customers, so we want you to get more familiar with this provider and the games it offers. After all, this is a great opportunity to
diversify your gaming and enjoy even more games on a single platform!

Belatra Games: The Story

Let’s begin with the story behind Belatra Games. This great provider was established in Belarus in 1993 as a brick and mortar casino equipment and software provider. From there it expanded quickly, establishing a strong foothold in the US and Latin American markets. Belatra Games now has
offices in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the US and Argentina. Belatra Games now offers more than 120 different games, including very popular slot games such as:

Belatra Games: Brick and Mortar to Bitcoin

The story about how Belatra Games expanded globally, shows that its management has always been extremely business savvy. As such, Belatra was also quick to adopt online gaming as another way to expand globally. Its transition from brick and mortar to online gambling was swift, and Belatra now offers some of the highest ranked games in terms of gaming experience.

To make this transformation, Belatra had to invest quite a bit in software development. Its success proves how technically advanced this provider is, so its recent foray into bitcoin casinos should not be a surprise. Belatra Games has always been a very prescient player in the casino industry. It will continue to be a pioneer in developing gaming technology and adapting to an ever-changing casino scene.

Belatra Games and BetChain

Here are some other awesome slot games by Belatra that you can play free at BetChain, the leading Online Bitcoin casino:

Therefore, this partnership between Belatra Games and BetChain is a natural one. After all, we are both focused on providing the best gaming experience available, with the most cutting edge technology out there. This aspiration to excel also translates into the incredible jackpots that Belatra Games offers on BetChain. So, go ahead and try our brand new Belatra games. Pick your favorite, and then take your signature BetChain bonuses for a spin on it. Bring those Belatra Games jackpots home!

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