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Gambling has always been a fun and addicting pastime for thousands of years. Over time, and with the advancements in technology, slot machines became wildly popular in casinos. Marked by big winnings, cheap betting limits, and a satisfying array of loud noises that went off at each pull of the lever, slots quickly became a staple of casinos.

Unfortunately casinos were limited to select areas and needed extensive licensing to build in a new location. Frustrated at the lack of opportunities to play, slot enthusiasts soon began to realize the vast potential of a whole new location that allowed adults from all across the globe to play, gamble, and have fun.

With humble beginnings back in the early 90’s, online slot machines were little known back then. The simplistic features, obvious security flaws, and primitive graphics are disappointing when compared with slot machines of this day and age. Still, those small beginnings marked the start of something massive.

Online slots quickly began to evolve, adapt, and change to suit both the needs of the consumer, and those of online regulations which sought to ensure equality and legitimacy on both the gambler’s side and the owner’s side. Now, online slots are featured in a variety of forms, on thousands of different websites, and can even be played via mobile devices anywhere a user wishes to play!

Best Bitcoin Slots

Best Slots are now also available to play with Bitcoin on various Bitcoin casino sites. These slots sometimes offer free spins or bonuses and come in different reel options. There is a large selection of slot types with different themes and appealing graphics from comic characters to dragons to sports. Pick your favorite theme and reel type.

best bitcoin slots

Best Bitcoin Casino Slots

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Online Slots Vs In Person Slots

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to playing slots online and in person. Each has unique qualities, great features, and a few pitfalls. Despite the added convenience of online slots, there are still many who prefer the nostalgic feel of the lever, the bright lights flashing each time there is a payout, and the excited (as well as jealous) looks from passerby’s as they struck big.

Many of the pros and cons for each type of slot below really simply highlights the convenience and pro of the opposite type; however continue reading to learn more about how online slots compare to in person slots:

Best Online Slots

There are thousands of different styles and slots to choose from. Many trusted websites to visit, and even free slots to play that don’t eat up your life savings. The added convenience of being able to play casually via mobile or on your phone makes it another plus!

Unfortunately a big problem with online gambling is it is harder for those who have addictions to manage it and resist. No caps on spending are kept on each person in one night so people can unfortunately spend all of their money in one night without being stopped.

In Person Slots

Despite requiring many to drive to a casino to play, in person slots truly offer the nostalgic feel that many crave. The lights, sounds, people, and feel of the machine are truly what make an experience for the user who prefers in person slots. Additionally, excessive gambling generally is stopped and ATM machines accept debit cards so you aren’t tempted with racking up thousands in credit card debt without pulling out cash advances!

Types of Best Bitcoin Online Slots

There are a multitude of styles and types of online slots. Some are the simple “classic” slots featuring the iconic 7’S on a three slot wheel. Additionally there are newer versions of online slots that feature videos, extensive combos, and much more. Either way, all slots are split up into either straight or progressive slots, and then are subdivided accordingly. Continue reading to learn about the various types of online slots available.


With a fixed set of winnings, you will always know what you get based on how much you bet and what numbers you hit!


When you win, the number of coins you bet on that turn will determine how much your winnings are multiplied by. If you won 20, but bet 5, then 5*20=100 and so 100 would be your winnings.

Bonus Multiplier

To entice you to play the maximum number of coins, users are tempted with surprises and hidden bonuses when playing max and when they win!

Multiple Play Line

Throwing out the traditional 1 line of winnings (ie three 7’s must line up in one row dedicated by the machine to win), these allow for multiple line options. More recent machines allow you to access up to nine different play lines, however most often than not you have to bet extra to use those lines!


These are a bit more complicated and generally vary from slot machine to slot machine. The number of lines and the number of coins will change and determine the amount won.


These are a popular type of slot machine, both online and offline, because of the fact that each time a person plays money, the jackpot rises. When a progressive set of machines are connected, the maximum winnings can truly add up into a substantial amount! Once the jackpot is hit, however, the amount drops back to a much lower starting point where it will continue to be built up again.

lucky blue bitcoin slot

Lucky Blue Bitcoin Slot

lucky sweets slots with bitcoins

Lucky Sweets Bitcoin Slot

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Desert Treasure Bitcoin Slot

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Free vs Paid Bitcoin Slots

Unlike in person slots, online slots offer a massively unique feature: free spins. Whether you don’t have the money, or the desire, to play with real cash, or simply want to learn to gamble successfully before playing, online slots allow you the option to do so.

Free online slots are featured in almost as many places as paid versions are. They are much safer to learn to play, and are a great opportunity for people beginners because you lose absolutely nothing, have a fantastic time, and still enjoy almost all of the benefits of an actual paid slot.

Another massive draw towards free online slots is that you don’t have to worry about credit card or identity theft. Free online slot machines allow you to keep your personal information offline and still enjoying the thrills of slot machines.

Online Video Bitcoin Slots

Another style of online slots is online video slots. They are a great option for those who want the interactivity that real slots feature, but not the dull, simplistic and archaic slots that are usually thought of when people picture online slots. They are highly interactive and feature a multitude of options. The main draw to them is that they are very exciting, and are featured on a number of popular and trustworthy gambling sites.

Online video slots are seen with intensely bright and beautiful graphics, and were pioneered by Reel Em In. This video slot allowed multiple coins to be played on a pay line and truly allowed a new and upgraded experience for the users. More decisions have to be made in video slots, making it exciting for those who have tried and true’ tactics and strategies for winning.

Payment Options

More often than not, online slot machine websites will offer a variety of secure payment options. Ensure first that the site is SSL verified by checking to the left of the domain, and then you can see their payment options and pricing plans.

Credit/Debit Card

This is a very frequent option for online slot machine credit purchases. Users can check out and pay for online credits for online slot machines with their Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. The easy payments can be set to renewal in some cases, or simply as a one time payment!

Bank Account

Attaching your bank account to an online site for continuous payment, subscription renewals, or swift processing is an option on a few online slot machine sites. Like with any personal information, making sure the site is not only trusted, but SSL secured is essential before putting such sensitive information on it.


As the top online payment option, PayPal is a common symbol you will see during the checkouts for various paid features on online slot machine sites. PayPal offers you the security and freedom to play online, enjoy the features of the site, and not have to worry about your credit card, bank account, or personal information being abused by that site because PayPal acts as an intermediary!

Other Online Options

If you don’t use PayPal, then you may be able to find several other online payment options and services available to you. Keeping your credit card, banking info, and personal info safe, some websites allow you to use Venmo, Amazon WebPay, Moneybookers, and more.

Payment caution

There are countless trusted and verified online gambling sites that are regulated by legitimate companies and follow strict rules on adequate payouts, and proper site security. Unfortunately there are scams out there. Checking to make sure a site is SSL verified, has adequate reviews, and appears legitimate will drastically reduce your risks of playing a fraudulent gaming site.

Common Terminology

Learn some of the most frequently used terminology and phrases in the online gambling world so you can stay up to date, interact with other players, and enjoy the games!

  • Coin Size

  • This is a phrase used to describe the amount of your bet. If, for example, you are betting ten cents on a spin, then the coin size for that bet is a dime.

  • Hit

  • This is simply a term used to describe whenever you win on any online gambling machine.

  • Max

  • When you refer to max, or frequently called max bet, this is the highest limit you can put on a single spin on the online slots.

  • Payline

  • This is the line, or lines, that determine where the symbols should line up to win on your machine.

  • Pay table

  • This is a chart that explains how much money you will win for various combinations on that slot machine. Make sure to study these as they will vary from machine to machine!

  • Progressive

  • This is the term used for the styles of slots that have jackpots that increase with each play. The jackpots will continue to increase until someone hits and then it drops back to the original limit.

  • Reels

  • These are the wheels on your slot machines that spin. They either contain numbers, symbols, or even images.

  • Wild

  • The Wild, or Wild symbol, is simply something that is on your machine that can be substituted in place of a winning number to allow you to hit.

Regulations and fairness at Bitcoin Slots

While online slot machines are not as strictly regulated as casinos and in person slot machines, there are many websites that make their policies and values known to help boost customer confidence. It is important for a website to maintain a balance of trust with the customer to ensure success. Additionally, there are also many online sites that boast their adherence to the rules and regulations on Vegas casinos. These sites often publish their payouts, percentages, and information on the site or near the games online themselves.

Conclusion: Best Bitcoin Slots

Best Online Bitcoin slots were an obvious and necessary evolution for the gambling world and have truly added a new layer of excitement and convenience for players. With the option to play both free and paid versions either at home or on the go, users can enjoy the online slots in their spare time iwhtout having to drive to a nearby casino.

Like real slots, best online Bitcoin slots feature a multitude of styles and features. The video slots and free slots have gone to really boost the customer experience and draw a lot more attention to online gambling. Additionally, the mobile application movement has truly made it so simple to play during any downtime.

Fortunately the terminology and features for online slots are very akin to in person slots, and many websites also feature similar regulations. Understanding the site prior to signing up and paying money is essential; however a quick visual check of the site can generally highlight any warning signs prior to the payment page.

Overall online slots are a fun and exciting option. While they may make it easier for those with gambling addictions to play, they also feature free options and cheap betting limits for those who simply want to enjoy a few spins of a slot after dinner! The rules and regulations for many sites are continuing to improve, as is the interactive experience overall for online slots which is why the number of players and fan base for online slots is growing exponentially!

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