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European Roulette is the game of a wheel and 37 slots where a ball can land. This game is known as the most popular variation of the roulette game played in Europe. There are slots from 1 to 36 that are colored black or red and there is one green slot with the number 0. As soon as the wheel starts moving the ball can land in any slot either black or red, with an even number or an odd one, or 0. The Player can choose where to place a bet – either on a single number or a series of numbers, any color and so on. We also offer the option of Call bets that can be placed on the separate racetrack.


The objective of European Roulette is to make a correct guess about the slot the ball will land. This is the essence of the game and betting on the right number will bring the return of the bet. There are different bets and they are repaid in accordance.

Betting Tips

|To:|Tip:| |:—-|:—| |Select a chip|Click the required chip at the left-hand side of the table, at the bottom| |Place your bet|Click the betting field of your choice. Several bets are allowed on different fields. In this case it is required to use chips that differ in value for every bet| |Increase your bet|Every time you click on the betting field, one more chip is added to the value of your stack| |Remove your bet|In order to remove the bet, click the betting field while CTRL is held. Next, choose the X-chip option and CLICK on the betting field. Simply DRAG it and DROP| |Remove all the bets placed|Use CLEAR control| |Play AGAIN|Click the NEW GAME button to clear the table when you want to start a new game| |Repeat your bet|Rebet is used when you want to begin dealing with the same stakes that you placed in the last round| Play European Roulette »

Betting Limits

Min/Max refers to the limits – maximum and minimum - that can be placed on the betting fields.


Place the bet and click SPIN. After a while the ball will land in one of the slots and the number of the slot will be considered a winning one in this round. Depending on the type of your bet and correctness of your prediction you will get payout.

Bet Types

There are 12 rows and 3 columns in European Roulette. The slot numbered 0 goes at the very beginning of the number field. Bets are differentiated between inside and outside. The former can be placed on the numbers and lines that separate them, while the latter are generally placed on the slots that do not refer to the numbered area of the table.

Inside Bets   Payout
Straight The bet covers only one number and you can place it on some single number as well as on 0 35:1
Split You can bet on two numbers that are adjoined either vertically or horizontally. Put your bet on the line between the two numbers. You will get your win from one of the 2 numbers you put your bet on 17:1
Street The bet covers three numbers that go in a sequence. In this case put your bet right next to the numbers you choose on the outside line of the table 11:1
Trio This bet covers 3 numbers. You can bet on the following groups: 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3. If you choose this option, place a bet on the exact point of the intersection of the aforementioned numbers 11:1
Corner This bet covers any 4 numbers that form a square. In order to make a bet, place it on the intersecting point of these numbers 8:1
6 Line This bet covers 6 numbers. You can place your bet on two adjoining streets. In this case place your bet on the intersecting line of these two rows 5:1
Outside Bets   Payout
Column bet This bet covers 12 numbers. It can be placed on the 2 to 1 box. In this case you bet on the 12 numbers in any horizontal line of the three 2:1
Dozen bet This bet covers 12 numbers. You bet on one of three groups of 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Place your bet on the boxes marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 2:1
Low/ High This bet covers 18 numbers. The bet is not placed on 0 as it is not considered either high or low. Bet only on the first 18 (low) or the last 18 (high) numbers. Put your bet in the outside boxes marked 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 correspondingly 1:1
Odd/ Even Place your bet in the box marked ODD or EVEN and you will bet on any odd or even number. 0 is neither an odd nor an even number and no bets can be placed on it 1:1
Red/ Black Put the bet on the box with a red or a black diamond. You bet on whichever color that will come up when the wheel stops. 0 is considered neither a red nor a black number and no bets can be placed on it 1:1

We also offer a special option of Call bets. There is a separate racetrack at the left-hand side of the table. Here you can place the bets called `annonces’. Racetrack numbers repeat the numbers of the wheel and they have got French names as they are derived from the French roulette tradition. Every section of the wheel refers to the particular bet combination that can be placed on it.

Call Bets   Payouts
Voisins de Zero Click VOISINS in order to place this bet. You can bet on the numbers within the range of 22 and 25. You should have 9 chips that are arranged in the following way: 2 chips are put on the 0/2/3 trio; 1 on the 4/7 split; 1 on 12/15; 1 on 18/21; 1 on 19/22; 2 on 25/26/28/29 corner; and 1 on 32/35 Payout is equivalent to the bets made. Trio - 11:1, Split bet - 17:1 and Corner – 8:1
Tiers Click TIERS to place this bet. You can bet on the numbers within the range of 27 and 33 on the other side of the wheel. You should have 6 chips that are arranged in the following way: 1 chip is placed on each of the following splits 5/8; 10/11; 13/16; 23/24; 27/30; 33/36. Payout is equivalent to a Split bet 17:1
Number and its Neighbours This bet can be placed on any racetrack number. It covers 5 pieces - the selected number and the two adjoining numbers on each side of it Payout is equivalent to a Straight bet 35:1

Malfunction voids all plays and pays!

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