A Christmas Carol: Online Casino Slot Review

Game Synopsis

Everybody has a concept of Christmas. Perhaps the most common theme for Christmas is one that explores lush green trees and wreaths with red ribbons and gift boxes. However, people like Ebenezer Scrooge might have reserved feelings because they think it’s all a marketing ruse. A Christmas Carol gives you control over perspective.

Based on Charles Dicken’s famous novella of the same title, A Christmas Carol is a Chrismas-themed online slot game played in Ebenezer Scrooge’s bedroom, where he watches players enjoy Christmas rewards. And he hates Christmas, as you might know. Perhaps by redeeming more payouts and bonuses, you could create redemption for Scrooge.


While Scrooge sits in the dark of a snowy night with a candle on, he watches a grid with ten (10) standard symbols, two (2) wild symbols, two (2) scatter symbols, and a multiplier while players spin to win. Among the special symbols are three symbols called ghosts, which explore Ebenezer’s past, present, and future. These symbols trigger the most amount of wins, which makes him happy.

Standard Symbols

When you open the game, the second thing you might notice - after running your eyes over the theme - is a symbol with Scrooge’s face overlapping a circle with a white hat on his head: This is, of course, if the grid lands on it. Among the standard symbols, this is the highest paying on the paytable, with the lowest paying being the number 10.

Another noticeable symbol is a green board written “Scrooge’s Bank” which shares a medium payout with the Christmas gifts symbol. In this online casino slot game, players could really enjoy standard symbols of up to 300 mBTC (0.300795 BTC), and when mixed with special symbols, the slot could produce higher payouts.

Wild Symbols

Everybody loves to eat, and that includes Ebenezer himself. The first wild symbol is the roasted chicken Scrooge will be having for dinner: This symbol replaces all the standard symbols to give players a mega win of up to 700 mBTC (0.7 BTC). The second symbol is the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge called Christmas Present. When three (3) of these symbols are triggered, they change into wilds, and your slot game wins are evaluated to determine the maximum payout.

Scatter Symbols

Furthermore, the Ghost of Scrooge’s Christmas Past and Future come as two symbols that trigger free spins. If you trigger these scatter symbols, you could maximize your number of free spins to twelve (12).

Multiplier Symbols

Scrooge has an evil side that can make him your protagonist. If you give him a chance, he might take your wins for himself and not be bothered, but he can also show a little humanity and reward you handsomely.

In the Christmas slot, Scrooge has a coin with his face on it: All you have to do is click Double Up after a win, and you’ll get to spin his coin to multiply your Christmas slot wins.

In this easy-access portal, the player has to choose heads or tails and spin the coin. And if the coin lands on the side you choose, your wins will multiply, and you will get another chance; however, if the coin lands on the wrong side, you lose your wins to Scrooge.

Game Elements

What makes this online casino slot machine fascinating is the storyline. Very rarely do slot machines execute a storyline gamblers find entertaining. If you have read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens as a child, this game may even bring about some feelings of nostalgia. The game plays on a three (3) row, five (5) reel grid with twenty-five (25) paylines for gamblers to win across. On BetChain, players can deposit Bitcoin to enter Scrooge’s bedroom and spin the slot. The slot game has a minimum bet value of 0.75 mBTC (0.00000106 BTC) and a maximum bet value of 3125 mBTC (0.004396 BTC). For a game with as many paylines, these bet values are quite reasonable and accommodating for all demographics.


While the storyline is captivating and the game itself is enjoyable, BetSoft did not add some key features players might expect on the user interface of an online casino game. These features include the button that changes the speed of spins: Instead, players have to visit the game's settings to change the speed of spins. And even then, the speed change only applies to auto-spins.

Ebenezer Scrooge's info page in the slot only focuses on the paytable and the bet values: information like the return to player, game licenses, and provably fair certificate are not available unless a player goes directly to BetSoft Gaming's website.


Christmases are great! And people should never take the Christmas spirit away from you. A game like A Christmas Carol reminds us of how beautiful a Christmas holiday is, and more online casinos should focus on making iGaming enjoyable with storylines.

Even with its lack of certain key features, we’re obliged to believe that these design choices BetSoft Gaming made with A Christmas Carol were intentional. The game is simple, easier to navigate, and does not require a lot of research for players to understand: This is why we recommend players of all levels of experience to try this famous online casino slot if they haven’t already.

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