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January 28, 2022

Free Spins Towering Pays Valhalla

Win up to 6500x bet!

Towering Pays™ Valhalla

Yggdrasil's partner Games Lab innovative new mechanic Towering Pays™ Valhalla starts in a 5 reel, 3-row configuration with 15 lines active and progresses all the way to a 5 reel, 8-row configuration with 65 lines active and then to a feature offer.

Any Towers appearing in an active position will change to the same symbol before pays are awarded. A feature offer is awarded when Towers appear on reels 1,2, and 3during 5×8 reel configuration and starts the Feature Trail, in which players may accept a feature or play on for a better one.

A warrior’s journey is never complete until they reach Valhalla. No matter how many battles they win in life, it’s only in death they receive the ultimate reward: a place among the gods. Well, that’s not strictly true. Thanks to the developers at Yggdrasil HQ, this ancient resting place now has a place on earth.

What’s more, this iconic place within the kingdom of Asgard contains more than fallen fighters. It’s filled with an army of reels and symbols capable of lining up in lucrative formations. From micro wins to legendary jackpots topping €250,000, this earthly Towering Pays™ Valhalla is a slot player’s ultimate destination.

And, unlike the ethereal Valhalla where entry is restricted, almost anyone can get in on the action. Our Towering Pays Valhalla slot review shows you exactly how to unlock this powerful game and, in turn, find your own place among the gaming gods.

Slot Plot

A steady drumbeat reverberates around the great hall. Symbols crash and a distance choir chants. The eerie but strangely engaging tones fill your ears and carry you into a strange but intriguing situation. Then, you see it. Nestled between two pillars, the mighty gameboard stands proud. Sporting all manner of Norse armoury, it cuts an impressive figure in the glow of the moonlight.

You stride forward with confidence yet remain on guard. A quick swing of your sword cuts through the noise and sets the reels in motion. Flashes of fire and lightning light up the sky. Don’t run, this is the battle you’ve been yearning for. Towering Pays Valhalla is your destiny. Can you embrace all it has to offer? The time to find out is now!

Game features

  • Towering Pays™ - • Towers may appear on reels 1,2 and 3. • Play starts in a 5x3 and progresses to a5x8 reel configuration • Towers landing on reels 1, 2 and 3 trigger a row expansion and lines increase by 10. • Row expansion persists until a Feature Offer is triggered.
  • Feature Trail- • Towers appearing on reels 1, 2 and 3 during 5x8 reel configuration triggers a Feature Offer. • Players may accept a feature or play on for a better one. • All feature wins have a chance to award a prize multiplier up to x10. • Features progress from possible to guaranteed multipliers, then additional Towers appearing. • In the last stage of the Odin Feature Towers may appear on all reels leading to huge wins!
  • Symbol Shifts - Towers all change to same random symbol before pays are awarded.

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Terms and Conditions apply

Min. deposit 20 Free Spins: 11 € (other currencies below)*
Min. deposit 40 Free Spins: 20 € (other currencies below)**
Max. win: 1000 €! (other currencies below)***
Available on every deposit on January 28, 2022 (UTC)
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* 11 EUR, 500 RUB, 33 AUD, 50 CAD, 700 NOK, 250 ZAR, 1200 JPY
** 20 EUR, 700 RUB, 50 AUD, 100 CAD, 1100 NOK, 400 ZAR, 1600 JPY
*** 1000 EUR, 50000 RUB, 1000 AUD/CAD, 10000 NOK, 25000 ZAR, 100000 JPY

Ascend to the grand, majestic halls of the afterlife in Towering Pays™ Valhalla slot game!

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