Game of the Week: A Night In Paris Slot

November 27, 2016

Night in Paris Slot

Spend A Night In Paris And Win Big!

Paris, the city of lights, with all the little cafes on the streets, couples touring the city’s landmarks and an incredible wealth of culture to enjoy. This is the setting of Betsoft’s incredible 3-D slot A Night in Paris. It is an incredibly deep game, with astonishing graphics and incredible game play. Its payouts are lush, while the game is full of all the imagery and sounds you can associate w ith the wonderful city that has captivated the minds of so many. Now it is time for it to captivate you and lure you into a winning frenzy with style!

Take a spin and enjoy your time with the intricate characters of the story behind A Night in Paris. The main characters are the thief, the security guard and his dog. The thief is always plotting to steal the valuable art pieces in the city, and the guard along with his dog are always chasing after, trying to catch him. Other secondary characters are the couple who are sitting at the café and the doves, which are an integral part of the city’s landscape.

How to Win Big while in Paris?
All of these characters appear in the game’s symbols. Additionally there are other symbols that represent the experience of spending a night in Paris. The Eifel tower, croissants, sculptures, vases, and the guard’s badge, complete the series of symbols on this 5 reel, 29 pay line game. Jackpot lovers will certainly find the romance that Paris exudes if they manage to align the following symbols:

• 3 security guard badges will give you 5 Free Spins. 4 or 5 badges will give you more. The spins are automatic and you will see the thief running around the screen with the guard and the dog trying to catch him, every time a free spin is spun. • Aligning the security guard, the badge and the thief, or the thief the badge and the security guard – in that order – will trigger the instant rewards. The multiplier increases the amount you can win. • Aligning 3 paintings will trigger a bonus round as well. This bonus round will give you better rewards.

Even without the bonus features, there are many ways to win. 29 pay lines will give you tons of excitement to watch out for on every spin, just like if you were spending a night in Paris. We invite you to take your chance on this experience. Play Betsoft’s A Night in Paris, get tons of opportunities to win on a game with extremely generous pay outs and make your experience complete by spinning with us here at BetChain. Bon Chance!



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