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January 9, 2017

Netent Aliens

BetChain's Game of the Week:


Aliens Take Over BetChain!

20th Century Fox and NetEnt come together to deliver this amazing game that will keep you at the edge of your seat! Take a deep breath before you plunge into the world of Aliens Slots, and make sure you have the stamina to keep up with whatever the screen is throwing at you as you spin and win. This is your chance to take your luck into the realm of the intergalactic, with this thriller of a slot!

Shoot Aliens and get paid!

This 5 reel 15 pay line Aliens slot comes complete with all the aliens that you can remember from the epic Sci-Fi Alien movies. The slot works just like any other one, but the graphics, the sound effects and the amount of Aliens flying in your screen just make the gaming experience something out of this world, literally!

Aliens Slots also comes complete with a mini-game that allows your Marine to shoot aliens and get you more money as he does. To trigger this game you will have to fill in the small squares on top of the reels. Filling those up is a function of aligning enough symbols on the reels. Also, every time you align the same symbol time after time, or you align more than 3 of the same, the pay out of the symbol increases, as the squares fill up further.

Bring the Spaceship down shooting Aliens!

Once your boxes are full, the mini-game will start. The wins on the mini-game are very generous and it is not difficult to trigger it at all thanks to the large amount of symbol combinations possible, and the frequency with which the wild symbol comes up on the reels. Once you trigger the mini-game, be ready for the adrenaline rush:

• The reels will move automatically as your Marine moves through the
spaceship looking for Aliens.
• While you align symbols on the reels, the Marine will be looking for Aliens to shoot.
• Once the reels stop, the Aliens will attack your Marine and he will shoot them,
if he has enough ammo!
• When your Marine shoots all his ammo and if he can’t find a reload, the aliens that attack
him will kill him, ending the mini-game.
• The mini-game is a true thriller; watching it on the screen makes you feel as if you just hit
a jackpot, because of the amount of wins you will
score on it without even lifting a single finger or placing a bet!

Jackpot Loaded Thriller!

Aliens Slots is definitely one of the greatest slot games that NetEnt could have ever come up with. The idea to get the license to produce it from 20 Century Fox was great, but the development of the game was even better! Now you will be able to experience all the adrenaline pumping through your veins, as the amazing graphics and the sound effects make you feel as if those Aliens are ready to jump out of that screen right at you on every spin! So go ahead, indulge, get your adrenaline fix and win big with Aliens Slots right here at BetChain!

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