American Roulette!

January 16, 2017

American Roulette

BetChain's Game of the Week:

American Roulette!

Nothing Better Than The Classics To Start A New Year!

The classics are here to stay, after all that is why we call them classics! It is time to start the New Year, spinning on BetSoft’s version of the king of casino. Try BetSoft’s American Roulette and have fun the old fashioned way with a little tech twist brought to you by one of the best software providers out there. The rules of the game are simple and well known, so this is a no brainer, you just have to pick your winning strategy and let all those jackpots fall onto your lap.

Playing Roulette from the Comfort of your House

Now you can go through all the options and define your best strategy without having to move. Let BetChain and its partners at BetSoft take care of that. You will be able to spin as much as you want, use that famous martingale strategy, or any other combination that will allow you to spin and win. That is because the gaming interface is so easy to use that you will be able to play effortlessly.

How to play BetSoft’s American Roulette

The only thing you will need to do in order to get a chance to win playing BetSoft’s American Roulette, is to click on a chip amount and then place it on your desired place on the table. The motion of the wheel itself will be swift and you will have no problems following which number wins. If you make a mistake when you place your chips, you can press the clear button and start over again before you let the wheel spin

Once the ball lands on a given number, you will see a close up shot, showing you the winning number. You can also find a history of the bets you placed on the window. This is a very helpful feature when you are trying to adjust your strategy.

Spin the Wheel, Score a Win!

Once your boxes are full, the mini-game will start. The wins on the mini-game are very generous and it is not difficult to trigger it at all thanks to the large amount of symbol combinations possible, and the frequency with which the wild symbol comes up on the reels. Once you trigger the mini-game, be ready for the adrenaline rush:

Now that you are better acquainted with this incredible version of American Roulette, the only thing left to do is to spin it and win! Here at BetChain we will provide the best service available to enhance your BetSoft American Roulette experience, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the virtues of this carefully crafted game. Take a chance on this great classic, and start lining up your wins right here with us at BetChain!

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