Game of the Week: Book of Pyramids Slot Machine

February 6, 2017

Book of Pyramids Slot

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Book of Pyramids!

Explore The Book Of Pyramids And Find Bountiful Ancient Treasures!

Mystical, captivating and mysterious, such is ancient Egypt. It was also full of treasures, great pharaohs, gods and towering feats of human achievement like the pyramids. SoftSwiss has taken this theme and turned it into a book in which you can spin as if you were turning a page on your favorite ancient civilization thriller. Book of Pyramids is one of the most captivating, ancient Egypt-themed games that will keep you at the edge of your seat and will deliver some of the best wins known to mankind. The graphics, music and symbols will create that thrilling environment of adventure that explorers felt when they discovered the pyramids. We have bundled all that excitement together with the jackpots just for you, here at BetChain.

Book of Pyramids is a very straight forward game to play. You will be able to understand the game immediately based just on your instinct for entertainment and deep wins! Basically, all you need in order to score big wins is to align the ancient Egypt-themed symbols as well as the classic J through Ace symbols along one of the 9 pay lines. The 5 reels on this slot will afford you great chances to win and claim ancient Egyptian treasures like no one else before!

Explore the Book of Pyramids, page by page, spin after spin and win!

The best symbols to line up on your screen when you explore the Book of Pyramids are not surprisingly the most powerful ones for ancient Egyptians. Various combinations of these symbols will unlock the riches of ancient Egypt and will line your pockets! Here are some of the symbols and combinations you should be looking for in order to score a huge win:

• The scarab, used in ancient Egypt for a wide range of important tasks, such as protecting mummies and on diplomatic missions, is the scatter symbol.
• Accumulate 3 scarabs on 3 different reels and you will trigger 11 Free Spins. 4 scarabs will give you 22 Free Spins and 5 scarabs will give you a whopping 33 Free Spins!
• Align 3 or more King Tut symbols on one of the active pay lines, and you will be rewarded with an incredible amount of riches! King Tut is the symbol that pays the most after the scarab.
• You can complement your ancient treasures aligning 3 or more Cat Goddess symbols along one of those active pay lines.
• Get 3 or more Crux Ansata or ancient Egyptian symbols of life on one of the active pay lines, and you can pile up some more wins.
• Round your wins off by aligning 3 or more Eyes of Ra along any active pay line.

Now that you know how to unlock the treasures of ancient Egypt with the Book of Pyramids, it is time to put your explorer’s instinct to the test. Do you have what it takes to uncover the hidden bounties of the pyramids and line your pockets with those huge jackpots? Take a chance with this amazing SoftSwiss game right here at BetChain, where you know you will be able to spin comfortably, and go down in history as the richest explorer ever to unlock the secrets of the Book of Pyramids!

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