Game of the Week: Hi-Lo Switch!

April 8, 2018

Hi-Lo Switch

Have A Pleasant Evening And Win Big On Hi-Lo Switch

Playing an elegant, entertaining game that can make you some money is always fantastic. With BGaming’s Hi-Lo Switch, players will be able to enjoy themselves with a game that offers plenty of opportunities to win, while they relax in the comfort of their favorite spot. This game is a well-balanced master piece that allows all kinds of players to entertain themselves and get their minds off their worries as they start piling up wins, taking advantage of every game feature.

Playing Hi-Lo Switch

Hi-Lo Switch has quite a few elegant features that make the game more interesting and give the player an opportunity to strategize. The game consists of placing a bet and drawing 3 cards. Players will be able to switch those 3 cards on the same bet twice. Once the cards are drawn and the player decides to bet on one of them, the only thing they must do is click on the circle beneath the desired card on the table. Once a player selects one of the 3 cards, the computer will automatically draw another one instead. If the card that the computer draws is lower the player wins, but here comes the twist.

Switch: The Twist

Once a player places a high bet on a card, another one is drawn and replaces it. If the player had a higher card and won, now that player must continue playing with the lower card that was drawn instead. This forces players to:

  • Keep track of their switch – the option that allows them to draw a new set of 3 cards on the same bet.
  • Be strategic with the cards on the draw they want to place a bet on. Sometimes it is worth it to take a risk on a mid-range card immediately following a win.
  • Know the odds are always written on the table.
  • Keep in mind that “K” is the highest card while “Ace” is the lowest.

Time to Win Big with Hi-Lo Switch!

Now that you know how Hi-Lo Switch works, you will be able to kick back, relax, design your favorite strategy and start winning over and over again! Our staff here at BetChain will make sure to enhance your gaming experience on this wonderful BGaming version of Hi-Lo, with exceptional bonuses and wonderful customer care. So, just go ahead, start drawing those cards and scoring those wins on Hi-Lo Switch right here at BetChain, the leading Bitcoin casino.

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