Game of the Week: Jacks or Better

December 11, 2017

Jacks or Better

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Jacks or Better

Jacks Or Better: Simple Yet Exciting!

Making a simple game that is deeply captivating is more challenging than making a complex game that can charm the masses. BGaming managed to turn the simplest concept into a game that is so exciting, it will have you dealing at the edge of your seat for hours. Jacks or Better is one of those games that BGaming just managed to take to another level, with incredible chances to score wins, and the elegance of simplicity made perfect. Jacks or Better is one of those games that you want to play to win, have fun and let your senses rest while you pile up those wins.

So, do you Have Jacks or Better?

Knowing how to play the game is so simple, that the rules are inherently written in the game’s title: Jacks or Better! On the screen you will see a nice background, on which you will have a pay-table and underneath it 5 cards. You set your bet and draw. Once you draw your cards, you take a look at your hand, select those you want to hold by clicking on them, and then swap the rest with the “Draw” button on the right-hand side. Make sure you look at the pay table before you swap cards.
Winning on this game is as simple as following the title. You must have Jacks or Better, or you don’t have Jack! Nevertheless, there are some options to keep on winning and switch the game around every time you win:
• If you got a good hand and scored a win, you can play a double or nothing game or a double half or nothing game.
• Just click on either button on the left-hand side, and you will be able to double your win, or double half of your win by drawing only one card!
• The computer will draw one card and give you a choice of 4 cards to draw, from which you can pick one. If your card is higher than the one the computer has, you win big, even if you don’t have a Jack!

Time to Draw and Win on Jacks or Better

Now that you know how to play this delightful game, it is time to take a chance. Pick those Jacks or Better, and take a huge pile of cash home while you relax. Our staff here at BetChain will be able to enhance your gaming experience by providing all the comfort and the best customer care, so you can keep on relaxing and drawing. Just go ahead, draw your cards on this SoftSwiss classic and enjoy right here at BetChain!

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