Game of the Week: Let It Ride!

March 26, 2018

Let It Ride

High Stakes And Tons Of Action On Let It Ride

Card games are well-known all around. Players have been betting on blackjack and several poker variants for decades now, so every now and then it is refreshing to see new games come along especially if they keep players at the edge of their seats on every hand. That is exactly what BGaming did on Let It Ride. This game is a high stakes, all or nothing game based on poker hands. This game can reward players big time, but they must understand how to play well before jumping into it.

If you Get a Good Hand, will you Let It Ride?

On Let It Ride, players get dealt 5 cards on each hand. 3 of the cards are facing up, the remaining 2 are facing down. Players must put 3 chips on the table to bet on their hand, inverting the betting process that players are used to from poker by allowing them to pull chips from the table instead of putting more in. Players will be able to pull chips twice on each hand, or they could just let their hand ride as they flip the cards that are facing down to see if they get the combinations needed to win.

Winning on Let It Ride is quite simple:

  • Players must get a pair of 10’s or higher to win.
  • As the strength of their hand progresses, the win’s multiplier will grow.
  • The maximum pay out is a 1000 to 1 on a Royal Flush, whereas the pair of 10’s will yield a 2 to 1 pay out.
  • There are also bonus rounds in which the pay outs for most hands increase exponentially. The bonus round pay out for a Royal Flush for instance is 20000 to 1.

Time to Choose: Will you Pull Back or Will You Ride Your Hand All the Way to That Jackpot?

Now that you know how simple Let It Ride is, you will be able to draw those cards and win. Our staff here at BetChain will be giving you the best bonuses and remarkable customer care to enhance your exhilarating experience on this amazing game. So, just go ahead, start playing Let It Ride and turn your choice into huge wins. Become a Let It Ride legend right here at BetChain!

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