Game of the Week: Madder Scientist Slot Machine!

August 21, 2017

madder scientist

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Madder Scientist!

Can You Get A Madder Scientist Than The Mad Scientist?

When Betsoft came out with Mad Scientist, none of us would have thought that they could design an even better game based on the same concept. Then Betsoft took the concept of the Mad Scientist and brought us the Madder Scientist. This game completely shook our notion about science. If we enjoyed the Mad Scientist and his wacky experiments, the Madder Scientist blew our minds outright! Here are some of the features and characteristics that make this game such a blockbuster.

The Madder Scientist and his Jackpot Experiments

This 5 reel 30-pay line tribute to science, has all the elements to make your screen blow up as you hit those thermodynamic jackpots. Madder Scientist also has additional features that build upon the success of its predecessor, the Mad Scientist, and help you hit those jackpots. Here is a brief list of those features:

• The re-spin on any reel – once you get the outcome of the spin, you can select any reel you might want to re-spin while keeping the rest of the reels still. This gives you great opportunities to strategize!
• Carrot bonus, which takes you to a new screen in which you choose beakers with contents that have different colors. Then after choosing the beakers, the Madder Scientist will mix them to create gold out of the carrot, and hand you a huge chunk of money!
• Wild switch bonuses which you can get by aligning 3 switch symbols on an active pay line. If you land this combination, one of the reels will go totally wild and you will get 5 re-spins.
• Click-me beakers, that will reveal a special prize when you click on them. They appear on odd number reels.

Betsoft’s Madder Scientist Gone Bonkers!

With all those special combinations to land huge wins, we can definitely say that Betsoft’s Madder Scientist went bonkers! He’s mixing stuff not knowing what will work; he’s conducting experiments to turn carrots to gold, and he’s sharing all the mad profits with you! So, just go ahead, grab your lab coat and join the Madder Scientist right here at the BetChain lab. We will make sure that your screen doesn’t blow up when the Madder Scientist starts working. We will just pass all the huge wins that are awaiting right to you, every time the Madder Scientist makes his experiment look like magic more than science. Just go ahead and take your chances, this game has all the right compounds for you to discover the endless fountain of riches!

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