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July 3, 2017


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Time To Cross A Mine Field On Your Way To A Jackpot With SoftSwiss Minesweeper

Sometimes you are looking for a change. You want to feel the thrill of the spin, but you have been on enough slot machines. Or you love the excitement of every blackjack or poker hand, but need a break to relax. That is exactly when you discover the appeal of those special, unique games that do not fit into any classic casino gaming category. Minesweeper is one of these games. SoftSwiss designed one of the simplest yet masterful games in the industry that will provide all the entertainment you were looking for. Minesweeper has the wins you crave and will also allow you to replenish your energy to chase those huge jackpots on any other game later.

Cross the Mine Field Safely, and Win Big!

The magic of Minesweeper lies in the fact that it is an instinctive game. The only thing you need to do is “cross” to the other side of the mine field safely. This simple action will allow you to engage with the game easily, and start calculating the likelihood of winning on every try. It will also allow you to develop a strategy quickly.

You will have to choose where to step first. After that, you will have to choose where your second step will go and after that the third one. You will win if you avoided stepping on mines on each one of your steps. This makes the game a three-turn succession that allows you to think and develop a plan as to where to place your first step each time, and then the subsequent steps after that. The simple strategies you will have to develop will allow you to play with ease and get to those coveted wins at the other side of the mine field.

Become an Expert Minesweeper

Becoming an expert minesweeper is simple. You just should develop the right strategy. To do so, you must look at the game set up and decide where you want to step next. These are the basic features of SoftSwiss Minesweeper:

• The game has 6 tiles of grass.
• These tiles make up 3 different levels.
• Each level is comprised of two tiles.
• You must choose on which of the two tiles you will step on, at every level. This means you make a maximum of 3 choices during the game (apart from setting the bet amount).
• Step on the right tile, and you get to survive to make a choice on the tile you want to step on at the next level.

Easy to Have Fun with SoftSwiss Minesweeper

There you have it, all the secrets of SoftSwiss Minesweeper uncovered. Now, all you need to do is how good you are at guessing where the mine is at every level, and if you will be able to avoid it. If you can, then you will be literally one step closer to a win every time! This is exactly why SoftSwiss Minesweeper is fun to play with, and why our staff here at BetChain recommends it. You can get great wins with Minesweeper, while you enjoy the nice graphics and fill your coffers with a few clicks! So, what are you waiting for? It is time to have fun with SoftSwiss Minesweeper and bring those wins home!

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