Game of the Week: RockStar Slot Machine

October 11, 2016

BetSoft Rockstar Slots

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Rockstar Slot!

Rock This Slot Until You Become A Jackpot Star!

Everyone has, at least once in their lives, imagined what it would be like to be a Rock Star. This is why the gaming world has introduced so many music and rock inspired games, from the world renowned Guitar Hero, through Rock Band all the way to BetSoft’s very own Rock Star. While all these games will allow you to experience what it feels like to be a Rock Star, only BetSoft’s version will actually give you a shot at the money.

Every time you spin on Rock Star, it is like if you were on the stage, driving the crowds crazy. All those groupies, the wild guitar solos and all the rock swagger just flows through the carefully crafted 3D graphics into your mind. This is of course, in addition to the most electrifying tunes you will hear when you play, which will make you feel like you are in a concert with thousands of people cheering on. Nevertheless, what every player is really looking for is the huge, Rock Star caliber pay check delivered right to you by those Woodstock sized payouts.

To land all the goods that make the Rock Star life worth living, you will have to get acquainted with the icons that will catapult you straight into the rock n roll hall of fame. From instruments to contracts, backstage passes to musicians, platinum records to whiskey bottles, groupies and golden records, this game has them all displayed on a 5 reel, 30 pay line display.

Apart from the regular pay outs which are huge, Rock Star also has a number of bonus features that will catapult you to incredible fame and fortune. Align 3 guitars and get the opportunity to experience your very own solo, as well as a huge pile of cash. The platinum and gold records are the wild symbols in the game, and can increase your winnings by 5 or double them respectively. But the biggest bonus of all will involve aligning the members of the band. Any way you go about it, the payouts are unreal!

Rock Star is clearly one of the best games out there in terms of entertainment and payout potential. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Rock Star, all you need to do is spin and start winning. BetChain will make sure to make this the ultimate rock experience, and all our staff will join you in an epic head bang once you rake all those winnings in, so take the chance, spin and rock that game all the way to fortune and fame!

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