Game of the Week: The Slotfather Slot

October 4, 2016

The SlotFather slot

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Slotfather Slot!

Playing Slotfather Slot Is An Offer You Can’t Refuse!!

Welcome to the secret meeting place where all the mafia members cut their deals. Walk into the room and encounter all the gangster money you will be able to take home if you are willing to do the big bosses just one little favor: Spin! Get a hold of all the action that this slot has for you, and become the next Slotfather by accumulating the biggest amount of money you can, while the big bosses let you.

This carefully crafted slot game is one of a kind, and it is certainly one of the best games that Betsoft has to offer. Its sound effects and engaging graphics, are only topped by the one thing the mafia loves most: the amount of money you can win! This is certainly one of those slots in which you will never run out of opportunities to get a huge win because there are just so many bonus rounds, including a mini-game, through which you can line your pockets.

Once you spin, you will be immediately catapulted into the world of the Sicilian mafia. The symbols in the game include pasta plates, a car, gangsters, machine guns, the bosses’ very own ring, wine, a newspaper headline, the map of Italy, a cigar and what everyone is looking for, a briefcase full of money. All you need to do is land the correct symbols on the right lines and you will be able to enjoy the lush life of a true mobster.

This 5 reel 30 pay line game has four distinct bonus rounds. Each of these rounds is triggered by landing one of the different mobsters coupled with either another symbol, or symbols of the same mobster. If you land three fat mobsters, all the high value symbols will become a scatter symbol which in turn will give you a huge pay out. If you land the Sneaky mobster together with the suitcase full of money on pay lines 1, 2 or 3, Sneaky himself will hand you some of the money there. If you get the old gangster coupled with a machine gun symbol right beside him, you will be able to get some free spins by selecting one of the holes he will make with his machine gun.

To get the most coveted bonus round of them all, Slotfather himself will have to appear 3 times on an active payline. This will give you the opportunity to place the slot in three out of six possible places, and according to the job you do, the Slotfather himself will reward you with a suitcase full of cash.

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the thrill of a lifetime.
Become part of the family, take BetChain’s offer, which we know you can’t refuse, and spin to
become the biggest boss of them all on Slotfather!

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