Game of the Week: Wild Texas!

July 31, 2017

Wild Texas

BetChain's Game of the Week:

Wild Texas!

Play Wild West One Shot Poker With Wild Texas!

Forget classical poker, live poker tables and even Texas Holdem. SoftSwiss released its own version of this casino classic and it made it as simple as it could ever be so anyone can play without trying to come up with complex strategies and without understanding how to call someone else’s bluff. Wild West poker brings the game back to its very core by betting on a single draw per round against the computer. Players have one shot. They either win or they go for the next hand, just like being in the Wild West in the middle of a duel, but with this game the odds of hitting a huge win on that single draw, are incredible!

Wild Texas Poker: The Game

The game itself is so easy to play that it is self-explanatory. Players basically choose their bet and press the deal button to get their cards. Once they draw, they can see what they won according to the pay-table above the cards. The payouts are incredible, but players who want more can choose a double or nothing option. The double or nothing option allows them to draw a single card from the 4 left on the deck. If that card is higher than the one that the computer drew, they will double their win!

Easy to Play, Fun to Win!

This is an excellent game for anyone who wants to try something new and win big! It is easy to play and is fun to. SoftSwiss hit the sweet spot on this one with a great balance between a classical casino game, simplicity, high quality entertainment and plenty of opportunities to score huge wins! Our staff here at BetChain is thrilled to allow you to try this SoftSwiss master piece, adding our exemplary customer service and exceptional bonuses to your gaming experience on Wild Texas. So just go ahead, draw quick, take your shot at the computer and score huge wins on Wild Texas Poker!

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