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So, you have signed up with BetChain, and have been enjoying BetChain online casino games using the FUN currency. Perhaps, you have even made massive wins in the casino with this virtual credit. But now, you want to play your favorite slots, jackpot, poker, or lottery games with real money. You might even be tired of seeing BetChain’s 225% and 220 Free Spins in the welcome bonuses displayed on the website banner because you know other players are leveraging it while you are not.

This article will dissect how players can deposit Bitcoin and enjoy gambling in casino games. The information explored will not only apply to new players but to second and third-time depositors looking to claim their 50% and 75% deposit bonuses and promotions.

Remember, although this is a breakdown of the required steps, this process only takes a few minutes. And all you have to do is:

1. Create a BetChain account

If you have not signed up yet: getting started with Bitcoin online casino gambling is easy. BetChain uses secure servers and encryption to collect data and protect it. Thus, players can share their details for the system to validate the legalities required of players: This will ensure that the platform adequately manages third-party access to information per the privacy policy.

Once the player has signed up and established trust with BetChain, the platform will reciprocate by providing players with full access to bonuses, promotions, games, tournaments, and more.

In the signup process, it is a requirement for players to enter their email, password, phone number, and country’s currency or preferred crypto. Once you have entered these few details and confirmed that you’re of gambling age, we advise that you check the “receive newsletters'' and “receive SMSs” boxes to get updates on all things Bitcoin gambling.

2. Create a Bitcoin wallet

Now that you have full access to BetChain, it is essential to evaluate a few things before depositing: Transaction fees, transaction speed, and the best Bitcoin wallet to use. BetChain takes cryptos from different wallets, including the ones players prefer to use; nevertheless, your preferred wallet has to provide you with the best privacy and security options to match our standards, and that choice is in the player’s custody.

Creating a wallet is easy, all you have to do is visit a platform like Oobit, go to their signup page, enter your email and password, and you have a wallet. The platform has a “buy crypto” portal where players can instantly buy cryptos at a minimal fee and transfer it to their BetChain account instantly. This example applies to other Bitcoin wallets for online casinos as well.

3. Deposit and receive bonuses and promotions

In just a few minutes, your Bitcoin wallet is ready, and so are you: you can now conduct your instant transfer with a minimal fee. Your BetChain platform can play games for free, but you want to win real money.

All you have to do is go to the payments portal: here, players will see a basket of new ways to deposit and withdraw. The platform will meet players with a short article explaining these deposit methods and the role of the 24-hour live support team, who will willingly help players in case of any issues.

On this page, Bitcoin will be the first choice in the casino’s payment options for gamblers. Once the player clicks deposit, a pop-up will grace itself onto their screen with a QR code: This is the player’s unique depositing address, which also uses a unique private key that can be copied and pasted on the Bitcoin Wallet’s “send” page. Players can scan this QR code, add the amount of Bitcoin they are depositing, and it will appear in BetChain Instantly. Here’s a numbered step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to “Payments” in BetChain
  2. Click “Deposit” next to Bitcoin in the currency list
  3. Wait for a slip second for a pop-up with a QR code or Unique Private Key to appear
  4. Go to your Bitcoin wallet app or web browser on a mobile or desktop
  5. Scan the QR code or Copy and Paste the unique private keys Add the amount you’d like to deposit and click send, and your gaming credits should appear.

Once players have deposited the specified amount eligible to receive Bonuses and promotions, the player should be able to activate bonuses and promotions on the promotions page, if they do not appear instantly.

4. Choose a game and start winning

Once you’ve completed this depositing process - which should take a few minutes - you can now play from our list of slots, table, poker, lottery, video poker, jackpot, baccarat, and roulette games: These games are accessible on the games page. Players can play slot games like Crypto Matrix, Blockchain Megaways, and Satoshi Secret. These Bitcoin-themed slots use crypto symbols that match across reels, rows, and up to 20 paylines with 200 000+ ways to win. Your bonuses and promotions will go a long way in these games.

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