New Game: Double Exposure Blackjack

November 16, 2014

New Blackjack Game: Double Exposure

We have a new game!

Double Exposure is a variation of Blackjack where the dealer’s cards are both revealed, thus the title “double exposure”. This version of blackjack is said to lower the house edge and be very beneficial for the player. However, because of this advantage given to the player, all ties go to the dealer except in the case of blackjack.

The best part about this game, it’s available on the computer and on mobile!

Here are some quick facts about the game:
- Min Bet: 1
- Max Bet: 100
- Hands: Up to 3 hands
- Tie goes to the dealer, except in the case of Blackjack

Enjoy this great game, and stay tuned for more!


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