New Endorphina Game-2016 Gladiators!

August 19, 2016

Endorphina Gladiators

Endorphina's New Game:

2016 Gladiators!

2016 Gladiators Competing For A Place In History!

The Olympics is one of the most captivating sports competitions there is.
Thousands of athletes converge in a single place on earth for
16 days of the highest quality of athletic competition there is
and millions of spectators all around the world engage.

To enhance the Olympic experience, some companies design special products.
One of them is Endorphina, which came out with its own Olympic themed slot,
to engage spectators and turn them into competitors who are going for piles of gold,
while their favorite athletes compete for the medal.

Endorphina’s 2016 Gladiators is a true ode to the Olympic spirit
and the competitor in you. With hand-drawn graphics,
this slick looking slot has all the excitement and the thrill of the chase for
Olympic glory, packed right into your screen. You will be able to align characters and symbols on the 5 reel, 21 pay-line game.
The symbols represent the most salient Olympic sports from the classic ones to the most popular ones. There are symbols representing basketball, volleyball, weight-lifting, table tennis, fencing, swimming and boxing among others.

There are also symbols representing the ageless Olympic athletes that evokes memories from past competitions. Vintage swimmers, volleyball players, gymnasts and more, will pop up on your screen every time you spin, delivering the truly exhilarating Olympic spirit right to your screen. With all these features, it is not surprising that players have become instantly drawn to this game, and the great jackpots that some of them have won so far, have kept them spinning while they watch their favorite athletes on the TV screen.

This is all thanks to the great software development skills that Endorphina has mastered over the years. This slot is the embodiment of its aura, what makes it one of the most sought after software suppliers out there. There is no doubt that if there was a software provider Olympic competition, Endorphina would be a constant presence on the podium, and would take many of those gold medals home.

In the meantime, while the excitement about the 2016 Rio Olympics is still raging, join the crowds and become a spin master on Endorphina’s 2016 Gladiators. Experience the thrill of the competition as you spin your way into jackpots, free rounds and all the other prizes available here at BetChain. We will keep on rolling with this and the still to come, athletic event-themed slots that Endorphina has planned for the other major athletic competitions, while we make you our guest of honor on your Olympic quest for the golden jackpot.

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