Diamond Vapor Slot

March 29, 2017

Diamond Vapor Slots

Endorphina's Newest Game-

Diamond Vapor!

Diamond Vapor Is Finally Here!

Diamond Vapor by Endorphina is up and ready for you to enjoy here at BetChain. This incredibly edgy game inspired by the rising vaping culture, is now ready after months of testing. It is time to take the fruity smell of your favorite vapes a step further and start spinning to win! The jackpots are loaded and the casinos can’t wait to welcome all those Diamond Vapor winners who will be thrilled by an incredibly entertaining game and excited to score every time their favorite flavor aligns on those reels!

Diamond Vapor the Darling of the ICE

This release is one of the most important this year, especially after the game caught the attention of all the ICE participants. Endorphina released a Diamond Vapor test version shortly before that conference. The feedback from that test version was overwhelmingly positive, opening the door for the commercial success of this game and reassuring Endorphina’s focus on pushing its creative limits further.

Vaping Culture and Endorphina’s Success

Not many software providers would have made the bold decision of pursuing a game based on something like the rising vaping culture. Endorphina took the idea and ran with it, developing it in a way that few others could. Diamond Vapor not only portrays the swagger and all the allure of the vaping culture. It also manages to put the best quality graphics, sound effects and the most authentic imagery at play in perfect harmony to create a game that will most certainly become one of the most sought after in the industry.

Your Turn to Play Diamond Vapor and Win!

After you had the chance to enjoy the test version that Endorphina released, you know how incredibly captivating Diamond Vapor is. So now is the time to take that experience to the next level. Play Diamond Vapor by Endorphina at one of our partner casinos and enjoy vaping culture while you spin for those huge jackpots! It is time to inhale that fruity vapor and exhale a titanic win!

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