7 Actionable Tips for Online Casino Beginners

online casino tips

In online casinos, every decision a player makes is important. Safe gambling comprises good financial decisions, casino selection, game selection, understanding of casino features, and more. Becoming a top-tier casino gambler requires players to be aware of these factors to cash out Big Wins. The following article explores the seven tips every gambler needs, to become a top-tier online casino player.

1. Choose a Trusted Casino

Choosing a good casino is essential to your experience in iGaming. And a way players can do this is by having to review a casino’s privacy policy; here, you can learn more about the documentation a casino has to collect to verify your status as a gambler. One of the reasons casinos like Betchain collect player’s details is to evaluate if a player is of the gambling age (as per the laws of the country a player is in) and to verify if it is legal for a player to gamble in that country: These are some of the factors of a trustworthy casino, as they do not just accept deposits from any and everyone.

Other interesting things to look for are casinos:


Every trustworthy online casino has to have an operations license from the country in which the business is registered. This license confirms that the casino complies with the regulatory board that oversees the casino industry in that country. These regulatory boards are usually governed by consumer protection laws.

Provably Fair

It is no hidden fact that casino games can be rigged in the game provider or merchant’s favor. Though Bitcoin and other crypto casinos are integrated into the blockchain and are amended by the crypto world to be provably fair, it is also essential for you to read more about game providers and learn more about how they keep games fair for players.

Online Reviews

Blogs and online news channels are influential in the online casino industry. Most experienced casino players understand the importance of reading about casinos and leaving their own reviews for the next player to get a good understanding. Reading blogs and reviews can help you better choose a trustworthy casino to gamble with.

2. Choose a Currency

The online casino industry is advanced in that players can gamble from anywhere, at any time, with any currency, and still get the same value for their money, if not more. Although players can use their country's currency, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are recommendable for players who want to stay ahead of the game as the industry evolves.

As mentioned previously, the benefit of using Bitcoin to gamble is that you are operating on a blockchain, and thus it is easier to keep games provably fair. Second, to that, Bitcoin gambling can have the benefit of allowing players to be early adopters of new advancements and tech developments in online casinos. In contrast, certain tech developments may reach fiat currency gamblers late.

The payment processors crypto wallets use are also more advanced, with instant transactions. Although e-wallets and debit cards are slowly catching up to the transaction speed of crypto wallets, wallets are still ahead in low transaction fees: thus making gambling cheaper for players.

3. Claim Bonuses and Promotions

Beyond spending less to play more, claiming bonuses and promotions can increase the probability of winning in games. Casino bonuses come with more bets and, therefore, more playtime for an average deposit amount, as mentioned. With this in mind, casino bonuses can increase a player’s chance of hitting the jackpot. Therefore, helping players to fulfill wagers using bets from their wins to qualify for a withdrawal of remaining profits.

Casino bonuses like BetChain’s Cashback Tuesday allow reward players with a percentage return on losses and deposits. These bonuses can, especially, be beneficial to players who want to play again and redeem their losses in casino games: This is not impossible, considering online casinos’ use of RNG (random number generators) - a concept to be explored later - to increase fairness.

4. Learn More About RNG

Random Number Generators are central to the gaming experience the average player gets from their online casino. Although players are afforded the quality of decision-making in games, RNG also generates random outcomes to keep games fair and prevent players and casinos from rigging games and swinging results to their benefit.

Understanding RNG can help players navigate games better and get to know which games are fairer in their outcome generation.

5. Join VIP Club and Become a High Roller

The benefit of online casinos is that they come with VIP Club memberships. These memberships are qualified for by the number of redeposits, bets, and wins a player makes into the casino. Being consistent and intelligent in the financial decisions you make can get you closer to some of the benefits of VIP Memberships.

With VIP Clubs, every day is an opportunity to earn and play with online casino bonuses, promotions, and rewards. BetChain’s rewards include (but are not limited to):

  • 50% VIP Bonus Sundays
  • 30% Cashback Monday
  • 10% Cashback Tuesdays
  • 25% + 20 Free Spins Wednesday
  • 50 Free Spis Fridays
  • And More

6. Evaluate Wagering Requirements

Understanding wagering requirements is essential to your online casino gambling experience. Wagers are conditions that casinos place on a player’s deposits, bonuses, and promotions to better manage their expenses. These wagers are calculated in multipliers, wherein, the player will be required to wager their initial balance after bonus claims before qualifying for withdrawals after winning.

Wagering Requirements prevent players from depositing funds into their accounts and withdrawing their bonus as a profit without playing. Just as the casino ensures that games are provably fair, the fairness towards casinos is kept in this regard.

Understanding wagering requirements is also essential to strategic planning and playing. When you know how much your playthrough is, it is easier to have targets on profits from games and choose games to play based on RTP.

7. Choose Games With High Return to Player (RTP)

Part of playing more for less requires games with a high RTP. Games like poker and slots average between 95% to 98% in RTP: this refers to the amount of payback a player gets for every deposit and play over a period of time. Choosing a game with a good RTP can help produce more payouts for a player. Thus making iGaming a great experience in the process.

The last online casino tip is that you may have to select games with a good RTP to profit on returns. When playing slot games, this can be helpful in games with twenty-plus (20+) paylines, and a few wild, scatter, and multiplier symbols.

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