Game Of the Week: Rocket Dice by Begaming

January 20, 2019

Rocket Dice

Game of the Week:

Rocket Dice by Begaming

BGaming Takes You To The Moon With Rocket Dice!

Dice games are not only some of the oldest games on earth, they are also the first games to be played with Bitcoin on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts certainly love Bitcoin dice games, so BGaming, which specializes in bringing all the games for the crypto-crowd right to their screens, has come up with one of the most exciting dice games out there. Rocket Dice is BGaming’s take on this classic game that is so important for the development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Playing Rocket Dice

Rocket Dice is an exciting, visually appealing, high-paying yet simple dice game that can bring you amazing wins. Apart from its slick graphics that show you how the dice roll with a crisp image of the numbered cubes shooting out of the cup, it has a few unique features that can help you increase your wins. Here are the details you should be acquainted with to roll and win with Rocket Dice:
• Two dice will roll on any given attempt.
• Before you roll the dice, you select a number on the top right-hand corner of your screen and then one of two options: Over or Under.
• You can select any number between 2 and 12.
• If you select the over option, it means you are betting on the roll to be higher than the number you selected.
• Selecting the under option, means you have placed a bet on the roll being lower than the number you selected.
• The number you picked along with the over or under option you select, will give you your win multiplier. The amount of money you bet will be multiplied by that multiplier to establish the pay out on a successful roll.
• Rocket Dice also has a 50/50 risk option for you to strategize with. The risk option is available after a successful bet and allows you to increase your win with a mini-game.
• If you click on the risk button after winning on a roll, you will go to a screen in which you can pick 3 numbers out of the 6 possibilities available on standard dice.
• After you pick 3 numbers from 1 to 6, the computer will roll one dice and if the outcome matches any of your 3 numbers, your win will double!
• On the 50/50 game, you can also select all even numbers or all odd numbers with a single click apart from any other 3-number combination you can think of.
• Rocket Dice is a provably fair game, just like Bitcoin dice enthusiasts would expect.

Time to Roll and Let Rocket Dice Take you to the Moon!

Now that you know how to win on every roll, it is time to let Rocket Dice take you to the moon! Just go right ahead and pick your winning strategy. Start rolling right here with us at BetChain, and take all the wins you can think of, home with you!

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