Why Are Online Casinos So Popular?

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Marketing! That's the answer: Marketing. Brick-and-mortar casinos have many advantages over online casinos. Some of the reasons include the fact that they are in parts of many cities where there are hotels, amusement parks, and gaming centers for children: If you are in a country like South Africa, you might even be a five (5) minute drive to a game reserve/safari. So, there are obvious reasons why land casinos should be the first pick for gamblers; however, they are a second option to online casinos, and there are factors that make this the case.

You might make the mistake of dismissing the popularity of online casinos as merely marketing and nothing else. But a company has to have a great product to beat its competition. And this is what makes online casinos more popular. While land casinos have the advantage of the environment, online casinos have the advantage of gaming systems: This means they tend to have more games, better bonuses and promotions, a variety of payment methods and currencies, and fairness in the gaming systems. And these are the factors they use to market themselves.

Instant Access

Digital Marketing has changed how consumers interact with businesses. Whereas in the past, people would have to get a business’s phone number from a billboard or TV advert to contact them, the internet has made it easier to access businesses instantly. And this is how online casinos win compared to land casinos. They’ve taken advantage of social media, web browsers, and blogs to give gamblers instant access to casino games through different funnels.

According to Lee Frederiksen, Online marketing techniques can be used asynchronously, meaning your audience doesn’t have to be constrained by geography. When you market an entertainment service online, customers want to know that they can access the service instantly; this is the case with online casinos. Players don’t have to wait for the summer holidays to vacation in Vegas when casinos are in their hands.

Access To Thousands of Games

When marketing against land casinos, it is easier for online casinos to use the number of games they get from providers to undermine land casinos. Online casinos have thousands of games from providers like BetSoft, Evoplay, BGaming, Softswiss, Habanero, NetEnt, Endorphina, and more. These games include Poker games, slots, baccarat, blackjack, jackpots, lotteries, live dealers, and more: This makes it so that each party involved can market themselves individually and still have an influence on the success of online casinos, while land casinos are a one-business show in marketing.

Online casino slots have the advantage of an increased number of paylines. Whereas land casinos have fewer paylines, online casino slots tend to have more paylines, reels, rows, and better tracking of the return to player (RTP). They also have the advantage of low bet values due to their integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The following game comparison charts represent the metrics that make slots and jackpots attractive to gamblers

Among the thousands of games in online casinos are poker games. Poker has evolved in where and how it can be played. And if you’re good at it, you can now win in cryptocurrency with online casinos. Not only can poker, table, and lottery games be played using digital currencies, but every game has a unique theme that attracts players. And this is what separates land casinos from land casinos.

Bonuses and Promotions

Perhaps, this is the most obvious of answers; Bonuses and Promotions. Although they have wagering requirements that some gamblers may resent much, bonuses and promotions have become the leading reason why people open their mobile or desktop devices to play games. By merely making your first deposit, you could get 200% up to your Bitcoin deposit in a casino like Betchain: This means that when you deposit 2 BTC, a casino like this will give you an extra 4 BTC to gamble. Don’t get it twisted; your deposit could be as low as 0.0001 BTC, and you could get free spins in online casinos.

Bonuses and Promotions award players more gaming credits: Which means players get to stay in the casino longer and play more games. And for the same amount of deposit, you could get less in a land casino. The disadvantage here is that most of the time, the amount you go to a land casino with qualifies you for a fixed number of plays, which could only increase based on your cashouts and replays.

Online casinos also have “reload” bonuses, where casino gamblers get more bonuses for re-depositing in the same casino over and over: This qualifies players for VIP clubs, where they get benefits like cashback bonuses (rewarded weekly), in which players could get up to 20% of their losses back.

Currency Flexibility

What currency do you use? Where in the world are you? And how do you pay for products? The growth of tap-and-go payments has made more-and-more people reluctant to carry hard cash: This means there’s an explosion of people who use virtual currencies like Bitcoin and e-wallets to make transactions.

The explosion influences the preference for online casinos, especially ones that use crypto for gaming. Because people do not need to carry hard cash anymore, they spend more money on online purchases. Online casinos have the advantage of being programmed to take just about any currency in the world, while land casinos are limited to the currency of the country in which they operate.

Provably Fair

It’s probably easier to rig land casino games than it is to rig online casino games. Most online casinos are Provably Fair. This means the games allow players to verify fairness for themselves. Most players want to know that they’re either winning or losing based on the decisions they make while gambling, and not because a bot is dictating game outcomes, and online casinos provide this luxury.

It is always advisable for players to go to an online casino’s “partners” anchor, which is normally at the bottom of the home page. Here, players will find a casino’s trade certificates, security certificates, and the provably fair to prove the fairness of games.

Mobile Gambling

Online casinos have become cross-platform with Mobile HTML 5. This coding language has popularized casinos by bringing them to Android, Huawei, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux users. With mobile games at the tip of your fingers, it is easier to access online casinos in comparison to brick-and-mortar casinos.

The coding language allows both smartphone and tablet users to have the same experience as desktop and laptop computer users: which means all the games, browsing options, payment options, bonuses and promotions, and other features available to players on previously compatible devices are now available to EVERYONE!

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