How to Withdraw Your Exciting Bonus & Promo Wins From a Bitcoin Casino

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Withdrawing in an online casino can be a slightly longer process compared to the depositing process. Many factors are considered in a player’s withdrawal of winnings, and among those are wagering requirements and legal documents for security.

Every casino has a process required to withdraw funds, and this process ensures security and privacy. Consider the casino cashier/dashboard as an online bank. Everything your bank will want from you to ensure secure transactions is almost everything your casino may want for the same reason. The following is a simplified step-by-step process every casino has for withdrawals.

Submit Legal Documents

Although this step applies to first-time withdrawals, a player’s legal documents are essential for the withdrawal process. These provide online casinos with proof of identity and proof of address. Casinos use this information to protect players from security infringement and to track a player’s activity to ensure secure cashouts. Other records casinos may require - from players - are proof of deposit, card information, and CVV. Once the player’s identity and personal information are verified, the player’s next withdrawal will depend on this information to have the withdrawal process shorter.

Casino Evaluation of Wagering Requirements

Every deposit and bonus has a wagering requirement: This refers to the condition applied to bonuses or deposits to qualify a player for withdrawals. Each casino has a value of bets that players must have placed against bonuses and promotions to qualify for withdrawals. For example, if a player signs up to a casino for 100 uBTC and gets 100% up on their deposit, they will have 200 uBTC to play. And once the player starts gambling and winning games, the casino may have a 25x wager requirement: This means the player will have to make up to 5000 uBTC worth of bets before qualifying for withdrawal on all wins made through bonuses. However, these wagering requirements are more lenient on deposits without bonus claims. And so, the casino will have to verify if a player has fulfilled their wager prior to approving a withdrawal.

Cashout Dashboard/Cashier

Every casino has a cashout dashboard or cashier: This is a portal wherein players can view their balance, transaction history, bet history, and bonus history. The Portal helps players keep track of their financial activity in an online casino. Here, players can claim bonuses using promo codes. The dashboard also contains the player's profile information and the documents mentioned previously. Most cashiers/dashboards allow players to edit their deposit, loss, and wager limits (also known as gambling limits): The Portal's most essential function in this context is, therefore, the cashout/withdrawal.


Once a player has fulfilled their wager and uploaded their documents (which have been verified), they can start with the withdrawal process. In the cashout dashboard, players can click “withdraw/cashout” on their online casino; here, the player will be exposed to a payment method wherein they can select their withdrawal currency. All it takes is for the player to enter their withdrawal amount of between 0.001 BTC to 10 BTC and enter their private key to receive their bitcoin in their preferred wallet. In most casinos, this process takes between 24 to 48 hours.

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