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GameArt is an incredible software provider established in 2013, and ever since it has set itself apart as one of the leading boutique gaming software providers. It has a portfolio of over 75 games, all of which you will be able to enjoy right here with us at BetChain. These games will also elevate your level of entertainment to a whole other level.

Mesmerizing Graphics, Captivating Games!

GameArt’s formula to deliver top notch entertainment is simple. It consists of 3 basic pillars:
  1. Use the most advanced technology out there to make state of the art games that work on any kind of device.
  2. Use incredibly captivating themes and make the game generous for the players.
  3. Mesmerize a highly demanding audience with those flawless 3-D graphics and all the visual effects that make games legendary!
This is how GameArt has come up with amazing games that made it one of the leading boutique software providers in the industry, and one of the fastest expanding brands in the business. Gamers from all around are raving about games such as Caligula and Crystal Mystery, and it is easy to see why.

GameArt Gives Bitcoin Gamers What They Want

To make their games even more appealing, GameArt has made them completely compatible with bitcoin. This means that this provider is willing to go through the toughest test of them all and dazzle all the bitcoin gamers out there who are the ones with the highest expectations. This is also why here at BetChain, we thought that a partnership with GameArt would take us to the next level. The degree of detail with which GameArt designs its games, makes it a perfect fit for our players, and now you can see it firsthand.

GameArt Games Already Among The Most Played Since Launch

Many players have been rocking those GameArt games since we launched. Apart from being curious about the newest boutique provider we added to our ever growing list of game providers, players have been raving about everything that these new slot games have to offer. GameArt also works hard to rack up new game releases, which is always exciting. Players want more diversity, and GameArt will be delivering more and more of it as it grows. There is no doubt that the best way to welcome the New Year is with a wide selection of carefully crafted games that deliver on every front. It is time to take those GameArt slots for a spin and score a win, while you enjoy the reliability and the quality of service that only BetChain can offer. So join us in welcoming our new gaming software partner, and be ready to hit those jackpots all year round!

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