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Dice is one of the most popular online casino games among all players, even high rollers. The excitement of rolling the dice and hitting the number that will bring you a huge win, is multiplied by the fact that dice games are amongst the highest paying online casino games. Play these great dice games and win. The house usually has a lower edge than with any other game when it comes to dice. This is especially true when it comes to the popular Pocket Dice game, which caters exclusively to the bitcoin market.

There is a lot more to Pocket Dice than a simple roll with favorable house edges for the player. The designers of this game really took the feel of a real dice game and managed to put it on the screen, flawlessly. Before the dice roll, they are shaken, giving the players the thrill of wondering for a split second if their roll will bring them a big win or not. Apart from that, the game is simple, intuitive and engaging, which makes a great combination for those looking for entertainment.

Pocket Dice has quite sophisticated programming features that power it. This makes it a dice game that can be played quickly on a browser on any computer. Pocket dice can also be played on mobile, which is a huge advantage for those players looking to roll their lucky number on the go. The mobile app keeps the real world feel of shaking the dice before rolling, intact.

On top of that, Pocket Dice has given the classic roll an incredible twist. Players can click on the risk button, select a combination of 3 dice and then roll. If the dice lands on any of the three chosen numbers, then the player can double the winnings. This makes playing this dice game all the more exciting, since players can double up on a win by taking a 50/50 chance. Pocket Dice also offers a wide range of tournaments, which gives a whole different dimension to the thrill of the bet. Players can join some tournaments for as little as 10 mBTC and compete for prizes that go up to 350 times more than the chip in amount. This feature also caters to the growing trend of social gaming, which many players are looking for. Moreover, it lets players roll against other players and not always against the computer, which is quite refreshing. There is no doubt that Pocket Dice is one of the leading pure bitcoin dice games. The authenticity of each roll and the focus on making it feel real with the shake, are some of the great attributes that players look for. BetChain is excited to host this game for its players, and enhance their playing experience through top notch service. Join the ranks of those who roll the dice knowing that the best place to bring those bitcoin wins is here at BetChain.

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